Romantically Seasonal

Things are changing in the Elven Empire.

First came the news that some of their people lived outside the veil that hid the Empire from the rest of the world.

These were the Elves who made the choice to remain behind and to tend to the portals that led into the Elven Empire from the other side. They not only guard the portals, but the history of their kind in books.

They were the Elven Sentinels, and only the Fates knew of them, now the news of their existence was spreading fast on both sides of the boundary that the Elves had erected to keep their people secluded. 

Secondly, the portals, also unknown to the Elves, have been collapsing until only a four remain. It is time to bring home the Elven Sentinels and the information they have kept safe. The Fates have set the stage to have their champions rescued, for they are being hunted and killed.

Third, to do this, the Fates have sent the Life Mates of the remaining Elven Sentinels from the Elven Empire proper to safely return those who have hung back when the exodus began, those who refused to desert their posts.

Earth Bonded – The first portal joining the two sides of the boundary is anchored in the ground in a place of great power. The Books telling of the history of the Elven Sentinels are being actively sought by powerful Hybrids who have evolved from the days when demons roamed the world and mixed their seed with humans.  They are not plentiful, but they are dangerous, and they want the information those books contain.

Water Bonded – The second portal is anchored in the ocean. Battered by the waves and currents in the seas for many thousands of years, it has become dangerously weakened. The Elven Sentinels have hidden the books where they will be safe from all but those who know the way to get to them, and guarded by the very earth itself.

Air Bonded – As the enemy closes in, the Emperor Lothriel turns to his most prized warriors. To bring the Elven Sentinels home safely this time he knows it will take cunning and stealth. The portal hangs in the air over an orchard, and the books they guard are held safe by the very trees they tend.

Fire Bonded – The last of the portals lay deeply in the ground, hidden by the might of the mountains and covered by the snowy slopes of the resorts people favor so much for fun. There the last two Elven Sentinels guard their posts knowing that no one will ever be able to use the dying gateway. The challenge before them is one different than all of the others, for not only do they need to gather the books they have hidden, but find another way home.

With the enemy hot on their heels, the Life Mates of the Elven Sentinels can only hope to prevail as they also strive to win the hands of those that are destined for them before they are lost forever on the wrong side of the boundary. Is it possible? Also, if they succeed, what will they find, as things are changing in the Elven Empire as well.

About the Series

My Book is also a part of…. Romantically Seasonal, a brand new multi-
author, multi-book, multi-series set!!!!

Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, and in any season. It’s Romantically Seasonal…

Three amazing authors have written stories based on love throughout each of the seasons,
but with a unique voice!


Read stories from 3 of your favourite authors in this brand new Romantic series. Follow
characters in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter settings as they navigate their love lives in
tales of varying degrees of romantic heat.


Each book is a standalone with a separate releases from and featuring the following authors:

C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author
M.A. Abraham
Shaunna Rodriguez

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