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2021 Releases

The Temple- Sinners and Saints Anthology Jan 12/21

To Love an Elven Lord   Feb. 16/21

The Tratchar – Book #5 of Guardians of the Empire March 5/21

Will include – The Legacy in The Tratchar in the pb as a bonus read.

Earth Bonded – March 23/21

Vengeance has a Daughter – April 20/21

To Love an Elven Healer (April 20/21)

Water Bonded        June 22/21

The Fortress        July 20/21

The General – Book #6 of Guardians of the Empire Series Aug 10/21

Air Bonded – September 22,21

People of the Phoenix Nov. 22/21

Fire Bonded      Dec 14/21

2022 Releases

This will definitely be revised

Tyndal – Feb. 1/22  (Written and edited)

To Love an Elven Guardian

To Love an Eagle claw

The Healer – Book #7 of Guardians of the Empire (To be written)
Hidden Treasures – Book 2 of  (In edits)
The Wildling – Book #8 of Guardians of the Empire    (To be written)

Upcoming titles (WIP)


Corporate Raider  (TB written)

Dream Warriors (In Editing)

Erica (To be written)

Tantalus United Series

Phoenixes’ Rules  (To be written)

One Empire series

Rebuilding the Empire (In Editing)

Sharing the Light (To be written)

The Guardians of the Empire series  (not in order)

The Fletchling   (To be written)

The Sorceress (To be written)

The Elemental  (To be written)

The Librarian  (To be written)

The Ancients series

The Warning  (To be written)

Queens’s Quest (To be written)

The Legends

Lothrariel, Emperor  (To be Written)

The Dragon General, Serenity  (To be Written)

The Dark Prince, Liessen  (To be Written)

Yet unnamed series