There is more to my worlds than Elves now. I have introduced Aliens, although I cannot say how long they will stick around.

The Elven Chronicles is about to evolve. The children are growing, aging, and finding their own places amongst the generation that came before them. The Demons are reaching out, trying to seek out the weak spots, but they too need time to regroup before they can challenge the might of the Elven Empire. They have a new Tanegia and, as horrible as the Rasniff was, he is worse. Under the guidance and perusal of the Drazon, he wreaks terror and death upon the Elves. They will not bow or bend a knee to their enemy. They refuse to break and they will fight to continue to live in the light that they were created to serve. This battle is to the death, be it the Elven Nation, or their enemy.

On Tantalus, the evil, which the Earth ships transported across the void to their new home, has arrived. The Master Witch Hunter doesn’t waste time letting anyone feel his presence, although he doesn’t make an appearance. He is like a ghost in their minds and is not shy about challenging the indigenous population, as well as his own people. He is determined to rule the lives of everyone on the planet, while continuing to kill at will. Those who oppose him, he destroys without conscience. He tries to attack their hosts, but first he has to find a way to get past the mind shields of the winged warriors, those who have offered their lives and services to the people who come in peace. Who will win? Can the Master Witch Hunter manipulate the people he lives amongst enough to work with him; will he have the time needed to reach his goal? Or will those who seek to stop his reign of terror prove to be more than he can handle?

I am forever seeking new worlds, reaching for the impossible. Come with me on my quest, and together, we will exceed the boundaries of the universe.

M.A. Abraham