1. What if I don’t know how to get the eBook on my eReader from Smashwords?

Answer: Here is a step by step guide for you to get it onto your eReader. We have also included video’s as reference for you if needed.

How to get an .epub file from Smashwords to your eReader Device

If you own an iPad or an eReader device that allows you to use the Internet on the device, we advise that you use the internet on the eReader directly. This is the easiest way to get the book directly to your eReader Device usually.

Go to the Smashwords website and purchase the epub file format (for Apple iPads, Nooks, Sony Readers, Kobo’s)

Once you have paid for the book you will have to download the file onto your computer. You will have a download window pop up and ask you if you want to open the file or save it. Save the file onto your desktop.

Once the file is on your desktop, connect your eReader to your computer through the USB (wire) connection that comes with your eReader.

Once your eReader is connected you can find the ‘folder’ for your eReader in your computer.

If you own a Mac – it should appear on your desktop

If you own a PC – go to the start menu (usually bottom left hand corner) and then go to ‘My Computer’. In the my computer section you will see something that shows up as a USB DEVICE or it will have a name like ‘Nook’ mentioned there.

Take the .epub file you downloaded onto your desktop and drag the file into the folder you have just found for your eReader. (Some devices will have a special folder you need to put it into. A Nook requires you to put it in a folder called ‘My Documents’

A Kobo should allow you just to drag the file and drop it into the KOBO file you just found.

Check your eReader. You should be able to load the epub document and read it now.

Here is the link to a YOUTUBE video that explains 3 different ways to load a eBook onto your Kobo. The most common and typically easiest way is the third way mentioned in this video. This method starts at 6 minutes into the video so you can fast forward and watch a demonstration.


Here is a link to YOUTUBE video that explains how to put .epub files (eBook) onto your Nook. The instructions that follow above start at 1:25.


Hope this helps you!