So much to do, so little time

I am in worse shape than I have ever been. Well, maybe not, but it sure feels like it. I can’t seem to keep up, and I have more releases than ever. Of course, you know this is driving my editing group crazy. Stage one editor is working on 1, with 2 + in the wings, but 2 that are going to need to be gone through relatively quickly. It is like, hey, she has a life too you know. I am working on my July release, when I thought I had them all cased for this year. I shouldn’t have taken on so many projects… LOL. I need to learn to say no… something I never had trouble saying during my youth. Second stage editor is working on The General, which will take her quite some time. She will undoubtedly be missing on a few of the others as they fly by her during this time and go straight to last stage edits, and then proofreading.

After the July release I need to work on Air Bonded and Fire Bonded. Perhaps then I can begin on those for next year. Now I am not saying I don’t have enough for next year, however, none of those are from the Guardians of the Empire series or the Tantalus United series… so you know I will have to write 4 for the first of those two series and a minimum of 1 for the second. I also have a few others I need to get moving on. 1. To Love an Elven Guardian… 2. To Love an Elven Warrior… 3. Corporate Raider… 4. Etc. Etc.

Ever get the feeling that the further ahead you feel like you are getting the farther off you are from the end? Well, that is about the way things are. I also am not sure where I am going yet with ‘Vengeance has a Daughter’ and that one is getting close to being published too.

Well, I am going to continue this on another day under another title because this isn’t working so well. Stupid site keeps telling what I can and can’t do. No, I don’t take direction well. But being as it is being miserable about this, I will leave you here for now and send you surprises throughout the week, just to be obstinate. Take care and stay warm.

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