3 more days

We are counting down until the release of The Book of Love, a multi-author release in the Twist of Fate series of novellas and short stories. Yes, I know some people don’t like to call them short stories, to them they are still novellas, but it is a matter of perception. So shoot me. Where can this set be found? basically everywhere, and I will have To Love an Elven Lord in it. Eventually I expect to release this book amongst the rest of the series of the To Love an Elf stories in a box set, but that won’t happen for a few years yet. To Love an Elven Healer will be released in Spring Fling, which is an April 20, 2021 release.

What am I doing between now and then you ask? Well, I am working on The Fortress, which I hope to be finished by the end of the month. I am also getting ‘Vengeance has a Daughter’ made into an audio book, so it can release with the book when it comes out on April 20.2021. On March 5,2021 Earth Bonded will come out. We are working on the edits for Water Bonded, and I will be writing Air Bonded shortly, as well as Fire Bonded.When I am finished with the Elven Sentinel Series, I am going to return to Tantalus to finish writing ‘Phoenixes’ Rules’. By the time this is finished, I guess it will be time for ‘Water Bonded’ to be released. I can then return to the Elven Empire to write ‘The Healer’, ‘The Wildling’, ‘The Fletching’, and ‘The Sorceress’. We will also be doing edits on some of what is finished, along with the things that must be finished. I expect to be well into 2023 releases by the end of this year. These are not the only titles on my list, but they are the the most pressing. Maybe.

Anyway, I am going to make this very short, mainly because I will be posting something different tomorrow. As a Valentine treat, I will put up the first chapter of ‘The Tratchar’. Hope you enjoy it. And in the meantime, checkout the cover for our Tuesday release.

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