I didn’t do it

I was supposed to begin working on ‘The Tratchar’ a week ago, but haven’t written a word. AddEmoticons04279 Instead, I have indulged myself by listening to audiobooks and working on embroidering a tablecloth. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I have the outside corners done, which leaves me with the inside oval to do.

The snow is almost all gone now and I am happily waiting for the ground to dry. I am also preparing to go to RTF19 in Niagara Falls. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon Everyone I talk to say it is so much fun. I will be going with Eniko, no surprise there and we will be bringing goodies.

I am currently waiting for ‘The Legacy’ to come back from Candy so I can go through it again before shipping it off to Sarah. AddEmoticons04257 Sarah says ‘Final Contact’ should be coming back to me over the next few days. Smiley-Begging This means I will be getting Betty busy, as it won’t take long for Sarah to do ‘The Legacy’. I will then forward ‘Equals’ to her. I would say the list is dwindling, but it is more that it is stalling. This will pass though.

I have kept myself busy enough to allow Tath and Thena all the daylight hours of sleep that they feel they need, which means they are ready to rock and roll all over the house during the night. CatSmiley21 Maybe I should rephrase that, pounce all over me in the darkness. cat 36 (I have the bruises to prove it.) Tath follows me around the house, during sleep breaks and nags. (Time for tummy rubs). cat 45 He can be a funny cat, but is definitely a mama boy. Thena vies for attention, but is less shy about taking what she feels she deserves, which means I can expect a tiny kitty to jump up on me at any time. cat 53 10-16-27 She has the jump, flop, purr down to perfection. cat 50 I still have to adapt.

Well, with not much going on, there isn’t a whole lot to report, except that Becca, as you may or not have noticed, has made changes to the website. Enjoy it all while you can. Things are happening quickly. AddEmoticons04263 Until next week, when I will give you an update on the writing, have a good one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36


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