I gave warnings to two little big eared turkeys,cat 53 and they know their time is coming,cat 10 but they have to keep pushing their luck…cat 26 second night in a row when they have kept me up most of the night, wanting to play. cat 36 They are still going at it, 7 hours later. CatSmiley21 Tath wants me to ruff him 42  (I will ruffle his feathers yet.  Just don’t want to do it at 3AM)  Thena, I could have expected something from, when she brought her stuffed puppy to bed with her… a sure sign that she wanted to play fetch the dog. dd27 Tath hasn’t played since I threw out his stuffed Dragon… but it was no more than a rag anymore.  I am looking for a stuffed squeaky Dragon now. cat 54 I can’t believe I am doing this… they have taken over my life, well, maybe not quite, but I know Snoop would have trimmed their clocks for some of the stuff they pull… like clawing at my leather chair… not a good 3  Yes, it is nail trimming time again… and no, the vet and her girls will not do it… they like skin on their 45

This week I have a full schedule planned, and that doesn’t include anything else life might through at me. AddEmoticons04279 I am at the 60% point of Kings of the Empire, and expect to add another 10% to that number by the end of next week.AddEmoticons04231  By the end of the month I could be looking at the final draft for To Capture an Ancient..AddEmoticons04262. I know Into the Demons Lair will be finished, maybe not formatted, or a pb cover done up, but the manuscript will be done.1317309lsk5aj07xu I have to feel sorry for Becca, she has several books to format for me in April… LM to a K has been reedited, so that has to be replaced.AddEmoticons04258  Into the Demons Lair will be finished, finally, so that has to be formatted and sent out for preorders. AddEmoticons04257 The Short Stories of the Elven Chronicles Volume 2 for Children and Adults needs to be formatted, as will To Capture an Ancient. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon Sarah is also working on the reedits for Return of the Legend, but I can’t see that being done in April.  (though it is possible.) Smiley-Begging Morganna will finish To Capture an Ancient, probably in record time, because it is a short one, and Sarah will rip through it, for the same reason.AddEmoticons04263  Morganna will then begin on Hunter’s Challenge, while Eniko goes through Beyond the Myth. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 I am hoping to finish both Kings of the Empire and Lost Kingdoms of the Empire before the end of April.AddEmoticons04274 At which time I will take a week to read and generally do whatever, before starting in on Intercession and The Phoenixes Choice. AddEmoticons04263 Hoping to have those 2 finished for the beginning of fall. AddEmoticons04231 I can then do some more reading, and rework Equals, Merika’s Story, Erica, Dream Warriors and maybe another. dog5 (for future considerations.)  With luck I may be able to begin The Goddess this year yet, but I will be happy if I begin on it after this year is over, and I will follow it up immediately with The Elven Princess… going to have to hit the Elven name generator for more names one of these days.  AddEmoticons04279

Well, in the meantime, this is Easter week, and I hope everyone has a great one. 8_3_46 Little bro is coming Thursday night and, as usual, he has a full schedule planned before he leaves Sunday afternoon. 8_3_39 I will have too, for that matter. AddEmoticons04279 Yes, it is the usual rush to get things done.6088880143_491c2e2e67_s

We have an event planned for the release of Earwen’s Song,super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon also in April, which will run from April 14th – 16th, everyone will be welcome, you know how the Elves loves to party. AddEmoticons04220  They are very proud of the great reviews they have heard coming from people who have read the arcs that were sent out… buffing fingernails here, taking pin out to pop the size of my head back to one that is more normal. MSN-Emoticon-155 I will we honest here, I am happy with Earwen’s Song, but think ‘Into the Demons Lair’ is better yet.  AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 There will be prizes and a surprise gift for anyone who comes to the event. AddEmoticons04258 But first, we have to get past Easter, be nice to the bunnies. chocolate_face-1801 Until next weekend, wishing you the best, and try to stay out of trouble.AddEmoticons04263  I know better than to expect it from the romping teenagers 36

4 thoughts on “Payback

  1. emilylucero says:

    ROFL Those two certainly keep you hopping. Wow what a schedule it gives me a headache . LOL Love that all those books will be coming my way though

    1. maabraham says:

      They were on a roll last night, bouncing all over the bed, and if one wanted to go to sleep, and crawled under the cover, the other one reached under and pulled him or her out.

  2. wandayeoman says:

    wowzers as I have said many many times before never in a million years would I want to try an keep up to you let alone walk in your shoes. holy smokes those kittiies keep you going not to say the scheduling you have . ….. take care try an have some down time maybe with bro 😀

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