Whoever wound the springs on these cats needs to come back and do it right. AddEmoticons04268 Thena’s is especially over tight, and she is making me dizzy..AddEmoticons04264. I can’t walk without tripping over one of them..CatSmiley21. can’t sleep half the night because they are bouncing on the bed…cat 53 10-16-27 thinking to self, “there is a second bed you can do this on, pussycats.” cat 36Actually that one is looking pretty rumpled too. cat 32 Do they listen?  Noooo. cat 3 Instead they up the anti and bring toys into bed with them, cat 26sparklie pompoms, stuffed squeaky dogs (I had to throw Tath’s little squeaky dragon out..CatSmiley11. poor little thing was so badly torqued it was in pieces.) cat 54 (Looking for squeaky dragon to take its place.) cat 28 Now he gives me that look every time he sees me with another of his favourite toys.  (You know the one).  AddEmoticons00937

I am up now and Thena is all over the top of the table, while I try to type,cat 50 it is like… ‘I need attention mama,dd27 cuddle me mama, no, I changed my mind. cat 47 Here is my squeaky dog, play fetch with me.’cat 32  (making note, time to fix squeaky dogs, they are looking worse for wear.) AddEmoticons04279 Tath comes and lays across keyboard, time to move cat. cat 44 I go for a quick rest, 2 kitties cuddle in close.  (Or on top.) cat 22 The top of the cupboard has more cat prints on it than crumbs, you know who… Thena, my jumper. cat 53 10-16-27 To give them credit, there hasn’t been anymore fairy casualties. CatSmiley21 They have gotten into the habit of sleeping a good portion of the day and keeping me awake half the night. cat 22 They know how to get my attention too, trying to tell them, Snoop used to keep his claws sheathed when he patted me.cat 42

Making note, time for Candice to come clip their claws.  AddEmoticons04274

That is another thing… clipping claws..AddEmoticons04263. Tath, if you can find him (is usually in the corner of the bottom cupboard trying to make himself look small so no one can see him,) cat 40 isn’t that difficult.  Thena… well, I think we might have found a way to get it done without her shedding blood. cat 45 That girl has the vocabulary of a sailor and the fighting skills of a biker in the middle of a rumble. cat 32 Snarl, scratch, bite, yowl, even a towel wrapped around her to keep her under control hasn’t helped.cat 53  It worked when I held her and Candy clipped though. cat 53 (Scary to see someone cringe when someone says the kittens need their fingernails trimmed.) AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09  To be fair to Candy, she doesn’t have half the trouble taking care of their nails that her mother has. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 Now that is a scary thought. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 The cats have also taken to watching the great outdoors and the birds know it. cat 36 Thena pastes her face to the picture window every time she jumps to catch one… and they know how to tease.cat 32.. no these are not the barn swallows, those are coming yet, and boy is she going to have fun then, those birds really know how to push a cat’s buttons.cat 42

Now, for the update. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I am slowly working on King’s of the Empire, very slowly. AddEmoticons04231 I am typing out Chapter XV, and writing on Chapter XIX. AddEmoticons04257 I knew this one was going to be big, but still not sure how large it will end up being… I haven’t reached the first battle yet, but it isn’t too much further away. smiley-confused005 I am hearing that Morganna is getting closer to the end of Into the Demons Lair, super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticonand it will only take a couple days for Candy to hand in what is left of what she hands in. AddEmoticons04257 While Morganna does To Capture an Ancient, Sarah will go through what she hasn’t done yet on Into the Demons Lair. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon When that comes in Becca will get it for formatting.  AddEmoticons04262 To Capture an Ancient is one of my short stories, which means that it will go quickly through the final stages… usually. AddEmoticons04258 That will leave them with Hunter’s Challenge to do of their backlog.  I assume that by the time Morganna is finished that, Eniko will be finished with Beyond the Myth and, if I can get the kittens to settle down, I will be able to write the last 2/3 of Kings of the Empire.  Maybe I will finish KOTE before she does BTM… MSN-Emoticon-155

Well, this is a long one, and you will all want to get as much of the day in as possible, because tonight we lose the hour we gained in fall, as they force us to turn the clocks ahead again.b0403  Good thing tomorrow is Sunday and we call all sleep in, right? AddEmoticons04263 Snort.  Anyone want to kitten sit for a while? cat 26 Well, as we go into the homestretch of winter, and into the starting gates of summer, we can look back and think, it could have been worse. AddEmoticons04263 Then again, April is coming, and it has been known to snow in April here.  AddEmoticons04264 I the meantime the snow is melting, and it isn’t even May. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Until next week, have a good one, and think of Easter coming up shortly. AddEmoticons0425

4 thoughts on “Springing

  1. seelkfireice says:

    I was thinking about it yesterday and maybe the Gorgeous Bratz feel the change in weather like we do, and that is why they are more active for you. You know the restlessness and fatigue we feel at the end of winter? I hope they settle down soon, we need your mind alert and awake so we can get the books everyone is waiting for 😉

  2. emilylucero says:

    The Dynamic Duo is really keeping you busy. Who was it said they thought you needed two kitties. LOL Glad to hear everything is moving right along. Looking forward to getting Vol.2 of the short stories. Weather is warm here but raining . I think we are into Spring. Loved the blog as usial and will share and tweet

  3. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, leave to the Dynamic Duo-they just love to keep Mom busy-no writing or typing for her Everything bookwise just seems to be moving along smoothly enough. We don’t lose sleep here since we don’t do the clock changes. Weather is warm and sunny here-almost summerlike-roses in bloom , trees getting their leaves and sneezing from all the weeds!! Enjoy your weekend Mary Ann! Thanks for the chucles and sharing and tweeting.

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