Running late

Yes, I am running late,sad-face kittens got into something last night, Thena told me about it, all over my pillows..AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04.. not so happy here..AddEmoticons04279. need sleep. Smiley-Begging Am I going to get it? AddEmoticons04280 They say that when it is lost, you aren’t going to find it again. nervous-934 I have been doing paperwork all afternoon, and tending the rest of whatever needs doing, this morning. smiley-confused005 To be fair, I managed to finish off another chapter, which means I have an awful lot of typing to do next week. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon (First I will have to straighten out the house, as it looks ransacked.)AddEmoticons04264  Can I blame the kitties? AddEmoticons04258 I did little bro’s first quarterly papers, as far as I could, because it isn’t over yet. AddEmoticons04268 And caught up to the rest.  I have a feeling ‘Kings of the Empire’ will be close to the same size as Aura, just getting to the second main front.  When I get there, shortly, the second battle will begin.  AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09(I have a hunch I am running out of ink in my pen again, this will be the second in this pen for this manuscript.  AddEmoticons04263

Morganna was here last evening, she says she is starting on ‘To Capture an Ancient’ now and will probably have it finished within 2 weeks, which means I will be shipping it off to Sarah shortly after. AddEmoticons04257 Sarah is hoping to have ‘Into the Demons Lair’ ready to be formatted after this weekend. 1317309lsk5aj07xu She is also doing touch ups on an older manuscript, ‘Return of the Legend’. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 Eniko is working on ‘Beyond the Myth’, as fast as she can. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon We all have a life, besides the books, even if it doesn’t sound like it.AddEmoticons04231 I know, my fault. AddEmoticons04263

The Easter Bunny sent a note, 8_3_39he will not be coming here this year.8_3_46  He says that Thena snarled at him when he tried to knock on the door and hissed. cat 45 I wonder if he had a pair of nail clippers in his paw at the time, that would do it with her.  cat 53 He wouldn’t have minded so badly, as he gets that from time to time, but she had backup. cat 42 He says you can sometimes trust the ones who voice their opinions, more than the quiet ones who look at you with slanted eyes. cat 3 Wonder what he meant by that?  cat 28Hum… Tath, were you giving the Easter Bunny looks?  cat 36 mini-graphics-easter-067052

Well, I have to run, we have company coming, and I haven’t got everything sorted out yet.  The question is will I manage to do it in time? dog5 Sorry for being so late this weekend.  6088880143_491c2e2e67_s

With that in mind, here is hoping everyone has a great Easter. chocolate_face-1801

4 thoughts on “Running late

  1. emilylucero says:

    Was so happy to see the blog. Thought maybe because of the holiday you may not do one. Happy the books are moving right along. Poor Easter Bunnie hope there are no little ones coming to expect he was there. What did they get all over your bed this time. LOL

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Thanks for my chuckles and so sorry you are not getting the rest you should be getting! Shame on the Dynamic Duo! You are such a wonder woman with everything you manage to do. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your company. Hugs

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