It is a beginning

I have a kitten coming, granted it won’t be here until the middle of February, because he is too young, but he will be coming. CatSmiley21 I have officially called him Tathar Silver Leaf, unofficially we will see when he gets here. cat 3 He is a Lilac Point Siamese, and right now he looks like this.

The other news on that front is that there could be another coming sooner, a Seal Point Siamese. No, she hasn’t gotten a name yet, I just found out about her, and she has a LONG way to travel to get here. CatSmiley21 The breeder says she desperately is seeking for someone to love her. cat 54 cat 36 Poor little kitty. cat 3 They say they immediately thought of me. This is what she looks like…

So, as some may, or may not have noticed, I have the synopsis up on Goodreads for ‘Surrounded by the Light’. 1317309lsk5aj07xu This will be the last Elven Christmas release.AddEmoticons04268 Sorry, but the children are about to move on into “Tratchars’ as they age. AddEmoticons04279 I am hoping to have the synopsis for ‘Integration’ up over the weekend. Smiley-Begging I am also hoping to get back into writing the later in January,super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon after the holidays are over.smiley-happy120

Christmas is getting closer,christmas-smiley-040 and the weather has warmed up. building-snowman-smiley-emoticon You know what that means, yes,1lg172snowsmilies it is melting a little, and the roads are getting slick. AddEmoticons04268 Despite all the hoopla of the holiday season I have managed to get things done, mostly due to circumstances. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon Where do I start?bth_SnowAngelHappyWinterSmiley Well, lets say the house has been cleaned AGAIN, this time because of necessity… yes, I had a mouse problem. 038822077048eb1a42a048e_thumb Poor Snoop was too sick at the end to take care of things and the door had been left open too much. AddEmoticons04268 I got rid of the problem though…knock on wood.Smiley-Begging There isn’t a drawer, closet, dresser, cabinet, opening, floor that hasn’t been gone through in the entire house. AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 I hate mices to pieces, as the cartoon used to put it. AddEmoticons04236 10-01-50 I only have 1 Christmas gift to get, that I can think of…and that I will order this afternoon, or Monday at the latest. xmas-drummer-smiley-emoticon

I did get delivery on the books. bth_thXMas-Carols I have them all personalized, signed, and sealed in their appropriate boxes. AddEmoticons04262 They are awaiting rides to their final destination. AddEmoticons04263 4 of the boxes are fairly large,08 the rest not so bad…Should I mention that is the US orders? AddEmoticons04280 The Canadian orders are simpler. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 One is large, the rest a lot smaller, but still 3 books do weigh up. AddEmoticons04263 Snoop would have loved the boxes,cat 32 they would have done double service as scratching posts for him. cat 53 A Christmas bonus in his mind I am 26

There is little else to say, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and not overdoing the shopping like I did. ps-smilies-christmas Ah well, my little Elves deserve it, they tend to work even when they aren’t feeling that well.t07004 Until next week…have a good one…Just remembered, next weekend is the last before Christmas…08 I am not going to be ready..AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40.well I am, but not internally. AddEmoticons04274 22-59-06 Hope you are. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

6 thoughts on “It is a beginning

  1. emilylucero says:

    Oh that seal point is so pretty she must be around six months? I am so happy you will be getting a kitty soon. Where is she coming from and I can’t believe no one has loved her yet she is gorgeous and I know you will love her. and Silver. I hope I am not miss reading it is a girl right? My shopping has been done and everything gone since the 1st of the month. LOL Will check out GRs for the synopsis. So happy she is coming to you soon. Having them closer together will help them get use to each other better I think.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Mary Ann, both kitties are gorgeous and I’m glad you’ll have computer company again. Good luck with the female that is coming. ❤

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