Unedited dedication page of ‘For the King and Elven Empire’

Dedication FTK&EE

In the memory of Snoop, my feline partner in crime. We got into a lot of trouble together in the 15 years of his life, and a better pussycat no one could hope to have. He went from not knowing what a mouse was, to bringing me up to 3 presents a day. He didn’t like it when someone tried to watch him do his job on the toilet; then again, do you? He really knew what it meant when the space gun was turned on, and came on the run. He knew exactly what buttons to push when it came to teasing the neighbor’s dogs. He hated snow, rain and baths – equally. He liked to cuddle and chase sparkly pompoms, hated catnip. Liked to lie across my arms when I tried to type. Sent me kitty kisses and hugs often. Was always there to show he cared when I was down or really sad. Cried when we lost mom, along with me. Whimpered when she got sick and was taken away in the ambulance. Knew how to antagonize little bro, who used to bully him. (Personally, I think they loved each other, but neither was willing to admit it.) Loved heat, and would sun himself in the hottest room of the house, no matter what the temperature, unless it was cool in that room. Wouldn’t go near the door in winter. His favorite place (if he wasn’t being held) was curled upon, or under, my feather blanket. He had more visitors than I did, people wanting to know if he was home so they could pet his velvety fur. He hated kittens, if they were coming for a visit, always purred when they left. He was always willing to cuddle and purr, and would purr at moment’s notice. He, in fact, purred more than any other cat I ever had… and we have had plenty. Loudly too.

Years from now people will still remember Snoop as the star of my blog during the last several years of his life. They will smile fondly as they think of the antics he pulled, and some will shed a tear for the life that came to an end way too soon for any of us. No one; however, lives forever, we just wish they did. Sometimes Tratchars tears cannot fix everything, and wishes are only dreams. In dreams you are forever in my arms, forever in my heart.

For all the memories and love, I dedicate this book to the Snoop cat; there will never be another like him. I like to think he is with mom and dad, and they are enjoying him, as I know they would have.

I will miss my Prince. My Snoop.


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