Booting right along

What is there about weekends that mother nature loves to cover with a blanket of cloud?  It is almost the end of May and I still have to warm the house with the furnace…I don’t remember it being this way in days gone past.  This is not performance. Image

 Snoop is more than content to stay indoors right at the moment, you guessed it, a drop of rain fell outside when he was attempting to sneak out, and the rumor is true that he clawed me when I tried to throw him out.  I told him he could use a shower, but he doesn’t believe me.  He would like it better if I joined him in bed where I could cuddle him while I kept him warm.  I told him to suck it up because I had editing to do.  He sat on my keyboard in response and sent me kitty kisses (that didn’t work).  Image

 I finished reworking and editing Embracing the Light this week.  It will be going into second edit soon.  As I was finished that, and Lothrariel is being politely quiet, I decided to rework Theory in Depth.  That started as a challenge and I can only imagine the fun Charlene would have had with it at that point (probably will still have).  I am doing the first edit as I am going along and have reached the 25% point.  Image

 I have decided that as things are going so well, I should be able to do a little reading now.  The TBR pile is ready to topple and I thank the heavens above that there are several on my ipad, on the Kindle and Ibook aps.  I have almost 200 physical books piled in my room that I have not touched, and some have been sitting there for over 6 years (I have been waiting for the last book of the series to arrive so I have an excuse). Image

 I am trying to decide which books to release next year.  Return of the Legend has already been given the nudge for late February.   I am thinking of releasing another Historical Romance, and maybe something totally different after that.  I have a diversified imagination.  I question which would be best, something contemporary?  Or a bit of Sci fi/fantasy?  I don’t think King’s Daughter will be ready by the end of next year, though it is possible.  Decisions, decisions.  Image

The question is, would my reading public want another installment of Elven Chronicles so quickly? Image  King’s Daughter is about King Liessen and Aredhel.  Well, I guess we will see how things go.  Until next week… have a good one.   AddEmoticons04258

4 thoughts on “Booting right along

  1. Reneava says:

    LOL- Love Snoop, but bad kitty for scratching your mama!!! *tisk tisk*
    I’m going to get to the next of the Elven series (hopefully) by next week. So I’d say go fit the elves!!! 🙂

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