Now that the steps of Karl’s experiments were finished.  The rest depended on how well his wife could carry the fetus.  Karl settled on the side of the bed to watch her and think.  He would make this work he had to.  He would make her feel happy to be with him so she would stay, if just long enough to have the baby.  With his decisions made and the players in place, Karl got up and left the room.  He walked outside, onto the patio and looked out to sea, out to the place where man had possibly first crawled out of the waters of creation.  Standing at the balcony railing that surrounded his house he balled his hands into fists and swore.


“I shall make them pay for the dishonor they heaped upon me and my name.  Those who branded me a lunatic for my theories and forced me from the world I loved will bow low before me.  One day I will prove to everyone that I was right and my theory wasn’t the dream of a madman.  I swear by the grace of Neptune, my wife shall bear my sea child.”


A wave from the ocean crashed upon the shores of the tiny Island.  It was like a message from the God himself in answer to Karl’s oath.  He returned to his bedroom to double-check his work, and to make sure he had not missed anything.  He stripped and crawled into the bed to join his wife as she slumbered.  Lydia would have no reason to question the origin of their child, but he knew that without the miracle of science that he had created in his laboratory, her body would not have been capable of conceiving any child.  She had been declared sterile years before.  Despite that he would have little problem convincing her that the Doctors had made an error in their diagnosis.  She wanted a child so badly that she was ready to believe anything was possible, even a miracle.

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