Up at a reasonable time this week.

Production is slowing down due to more demand on other fronts from my time.  I do have a chapter (or two) left to write on the toddlers Christmas story.  Over the 17000 words right now on that so I know it is over the allowable amount on the short story front.  One fan asked why writers gauge everything by word count instead of pages, well that is easy.  Word count does not only give you the size of the book, but with the different formatting, a guestimate of how long it actually is going to be.  Embracing the Light is going to be the longest of what I term my short stories. (In this case it actually qualifies to be called a Novella.)  Yes I know, there are going to be a few who are going to say I told you so on the word count.  Image


Marious has been up to no good these days, which you will be all happy to hear.  That Elf gets everyone in trouble.  He has a new friend as well, which you will not hear about until you read ‘Embracing the Light’.  Unfortunately that is rather jumping the gun because they don’t meet until into Return of the Legend, which is not due to be released until next year.  Perhaps I should hold off on that release until next Christmas.  Anyone have any thoughts on that idea?  Chew me out now or put up with the consequences.  Image


I have been swamped over the last couple of weeks.  Now that spring has hit everyone has a project that they need supplies for… I am definitely not complaining.  I am ahead of schedule on most items and things are going well.  I should even begin to start reworking Theory In Depth by the end of the month.  With really good luck I should be finished or almost finished Return of the Legend by they and it will be put into the rework pile with the other two.  Image


Which other two?  Well I named one already, the other I have named but am not sure what to think of the name. (My Darling, Janice) that will be for release next summer.  I could be finished working that over by the end of this summer, which should be interesting.  That would leave me free to write King’s Daughter by the time fall and winter hits. (If I can keep the Elves out of my head that long.)  Image


We had some sad news this week.  Charlene, my editor, lost her father this week.  She has had a really rough year so far and we are all beginning to wonder when the pendulum is going to swing in a different direction.  I placed the announcement on my Facebook wall and have collected a few condolences for her.  Image


We all hope for better next week.

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