It is the beginning of a new week, and that is usually a good sign that things will improve, especially when you wake up and you are feeling better than the day before when you felt as if you wanted to scream, “Stop the world I want to get off”.  Bottom line… I didn’t get much written.  Yes, it was one of those weeks last week, the type we all get once in an unfortunate blue moon.  Not going into details.Image

The good news is that the pain in my jaw is hopefully going away now and maybe I can save that tooth that the dentist is eyeballing.  Dentists are ebil… anyone who disagrees?  Unfortunately they are necessary ebils.  Every now and then we make that trip to THE office where our pearly whites are at the mercy of those you swear are out to get you… I have seen some really spine chilling pictures of this sort of thing in the last week… thanks Ava, yours will live in my memory until my dying day.Image

On the writing front… I am over the 64000 mark of Return of the Legend… and we all are familiar with the story on that one… the novel that was not supposed to go over the 15000-20000 mark.  Sigh.  I hope it lives up to expectations.  I managed to get a couple chapters in on “Embracing the Light”… and that short story (and it IS GOING TO BE A SHORT STORY) is sliding over the 4000 word mark.  We are entering chapter III and maybe more this week depending how things go.  Those toddlers are a blast.AddEmoticons04254

I am expecting a visit from little brother next weekend, so things should be busy on that front, and a possible run of edits on “Life Mate to a King” to see to.  That is always the sign of a fun time.  I am looking forward to getting book 4 wrapped up so I can nail down a final moment when I will release it.  Always a party to finish a job.  Image

The most positive sign that things are improving is that the snow is almost gone… there is still some in amongst the trees, but that won’t be there much longer.  Snoop is driving me crazy, he wants out to go mousing… that should be interesting.  This is his first year without teeth and I wonder who is going to win, Snoop or the mouse.  The vet says that there should be no contest, he has claws and knows how to use them.  After last week, I have to agree.AddEmoticons04258

So, with writing pen and paper in hand I settle down to see what my mind has to offer today. Oh yes, forgot… Snoop… he has just decided I have typed long enough on this, but after a few kitty kisses and a hug backed off long enough to allow me to finish.  He can be such a gentleman sometimes.  Image

Everyone have a great week and enjoy the special signs of spring we enjoy so much.


23 thoughts on “A NEW WEEK, A NEW START

  1. Eni says:

    I agree with you, dentists are EBIL 😀 and yes the pic that Ava posted will be imprinted in my mind forever *shudder*. She knows I don’t like horror, but it seems she wants to desensitize me one way or other. LOL
    As for the novella that is turning out into a novel… you don’t hear me complaining 😀
    I hope next week will be better for both of us. Happy writing!

    1. maabraham says:

      No one is complaining. And it has been easy so far, it just keeps coming, so I guess it was meant to be. Hopefully our weeks will improve, I don’t want to go through another like last one.

  2. Reneava says:

    Umm… I sorry ladies 😀
    I just wanted to actually SHOW how I really truly feel while I’m in that EBIL chair with the closet sadist wrecking havoc in my wittle mouth :/
    I ❤ you ladies 🙂

    Ne week. New start! YES!!! I cannot wait to read your new goodies!!!

      1. Eni says:

        AVA!!! What do you mean I don’t share well??? Of course I share!!! Pfff! Now tell the truth otherwise I will sic Lothrariel on you.

      2. Reneava says:

        BAAAAAAAHAHAHA!!! Omg!! (takes a much needed deep breath) AHHHHHHH!!!
        Ok, Ok. She shares… most things 😛

  3. emilylucero says:

    As usual I loved your newsy letter.
    So happy your tooth is finally settling back in. I hate the word Dentist that should tell you how I feel LOL
    The flowering trees here are blooming and all kinds of early spring flowers.
    Looking forward to good news on the edits on LMTAK. I know you would like to get them done.

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