I have to admit I am guilty.  I didn’t get my blog done and now I am scrambling to do it.  No one can say it wasn’t done on a Saturday like the others… granted, another few seconds and it will be Sunday… but who is holding a stopwatch.  Put that away… we are not running a race here.  It has been another week of mayhem, but it seems to be improving.  My tooth has decided it does not want to leave my mouth, for which I am grateful.  It isn’t being quiet about it, still throbbing, but I know how to take care of that as long as it isn’t a major throb. Image

Little Bro has decided to visit for a couple days, which is why everything is late.  There probably is other things I could blame him for but I won’t.  Well, not here anyway.  I find things get busy when he comes home.  Image

Spring has sprung finally and we are almost out of snow, something I know not everyone will believe.  You would be surprised to learn how many people don’t believe there is grass above the 49th parallel… Image

I have started to write again, passing the 70,000 word mark on Return of the Legend and 6000 words on the short Christmas story.  I seems even Gabriel and Eden cannot guard themselves close enough to ward off toddler attacks.  She is currently changing out of her wet clothing and getting ready to make something for the little starved darlings to eat.  With luck they will be able to get them to take a nap after lunch. (good luck).  Someone is bound to get in trouble there, and you will never guess whom.  Image

I am going to take a little Elf break and do the revisions on Theory in Depth.  I think a break might be just the thing…  I might even get to read a book that I am not writing for a change.  Now there is a shock.  Image

Snoop has things worked out to a science.  It is warming up outside, so the toothless wonder wants to go out looking for presents to give momma… no they are not allowed in the house.  I am curious to find out who is going to win the war out there though, the poor pussycat, or the mouse that has teeth to fight back with.  With that in mind I have not cut his nails.  He has to have some line of defense. (and he knows how to use them)  The vet thanked me for cutting his nails the last time I took him to see her. (come on Doc, he has never raked you yet) Cussed her out, yes, raked her, no.   AddEmoticons04258

Well, on that note I am about to head for the bed, Snoop awaits and I may even be able to fit in a page for the toddlers before the toothpicks holding my eyelids open snap.  Image


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