It has been one of those weeks

I can’t begin to say how happy I am to see the end of this week… it has been a ride.  I didn’t get much written, maybe a half a chapter on Return of the King.  I did get a chapter written on Embracing the Light… those toddlers are having a blast. (So is Marious).  Something tells me he would like to get right in there with them at times.


I doubt if he would get away with it though.  His uncle and Torrent would only let him get away with so much, and he is giving those toddlers ideas.  That is not something they really need.  They can get enough ideas on their own.  You will see what I mean when Embracing the Light comes out around Christmas.


As for the rest of the week, well I had a small visit with the dentist and am still feeling the effects.  Not the dentist’s fault, but you know how it is, blame him anyway.  His thoughts of how to solve the problem and mine are two different things.  I feel he should have been able to wave his magic drill and poof… problem solved.


It doesn’t work that way.  So with a bottle of painkillers in hand and Snoop in the other, I have been suffering it out in hopes that what he did will work because I don’t need to lose a perfectly healthy tooth.  Tooth Fairy and I aren’t talking right now.  But the streak of misery has heard about the possibility of this going down and has been hanging around lately. You don’t want my thoughts on that.Image

Maybe I should change tactics because all the Elves are doing is sitting back and watching the show.  Betting is high that there will be one fairy out there less wings.


Anyway, I have told a few of my friends, who are authors, that if they want they can add to the site from time to time, just for variety.  Not sure what is going to happen there. 


So, with the help of my sidekick, who has offered to do what he can, I will leave him to it.


HAVE A GOOD WEEK.  Next week will be better… right?  And I will have good news to share.  With luck.


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