Another week come and gone

It has been a busy week, working on getting all the elements needed to get a trailer made.  Running from one item needing attention, to another.  Getting my income tax forms filled in and shipped off.  Snoop deciding that he isn’t getting near the attention that he should, night after night.  He is currently resting up for tonight.  I ran to the passport office, only to forget something needed, will have to repeat that performance next week.  I want this FINISHED.

I made sure all the copyrights were in place for what I was currently working on, they are.  Found out I have more government papers to fill in. (This is getting frustrating.).  The red tape is something the Elves don’t have to deal with, though I am tempted to give them a taste of some of it.  You think they will pay any attention?  Somehow I rather doubt it, they can be like herding cats.  They go in their own direction and grin when they see how frustrated you are getting.

I did get the covers done for the next 2 Elven Chronicles novels.  I notice that Becca put them up here, thank you Becca.  She has been busier than a bumblebee at harvest time.  We all work at keeping her out of trouble.  See how thoughtful we can be?  Note how we veered away from the standard format for the covers from book 4 to book 5?  My idea, she wanted everyone to know that she wasn’t to blame, even if Lothrariel makes a great cover picture.  We will be back on track for book 6, which will be Liessen and Aredhel’s book… King’s Daughter.  I haven’t even started that yet, not finished with Return of the Legend.

There are at least 6 sets of small, bright, mischievous Elven eyes peeking at me through my mind fence.  I can also hear the owners, of those Elven eyes, giggling as they whisper.  They are the advance guard, trust the Eagle Claws to tread where the rest are too shy to travel.  They are up to something.  I can feel it in my bones.  Not going to worry about it now, but I will be ready for them when the time comes.  They are not going to run over me like a tiny Elven army. (this should be interesting, I can feel the cleat marks all over my back and butt already.)

Alright, so curiosity got the better of me and I looked over the fence to see what they are up to.  The girls grinned back and me and giggled.  The boys stood at attention and gave me this ‘cross the line if you dare’ look.  They look cute trying to appear so serious, but I could tell it was all a ruse.  There was this twinkle in their eyes, and just the slightest quirk to the sides of their lips that told me they were having trouble holding in the laughter… yes, they definitely are cooking something up. 

I know who is behind it all, or should I say the ones behind it all… Marious’ boys aren’t holding anything back.  They are brazenly standing there laughing out loud.  They are going to get in such trouble.  Hope they grow out of the worse of it before they make it a habit.  If not, they will be worse than their father.  We all know what Branith had to say about his brother Marious.  (Oh yes, that’s right, that is in book 4 and you haven’t read it yet)  No matter, you will get to it. 😀

4 thoughts on “Another week come and gone

  1. Eni says:

    Loved your post. You always know how to make a sunny day even when I am in the foulest of moods. Thank you. I can’t wait to read what the mini Elves are up to. I know it’s going to be awesome.

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