Excerpt from Lociel’s Elite Guardian

“Most definitely.  Care if I join you?”  Lociel smiled as he asked his question.

“No one has put a wall around the pool yet and you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before.”  Arazel laughed as she taunted him.  She then introduced herself as she continued to climb.  “My name is Arazel.”

With hands shaking and his heart racing Lociel made a point of taking his time to undress.  He decided he was going to make her wait.  Most Elven males that he knew would have shed their clothing without a word and jumped straight into the water.  She undoubtedly expected that.  Something told him she would respect him more if he acted out of the ordinary.  If he made her work for his attention he would get more from her.

Arazel was so preoccupied with the half Elf she almost missed her footing as she climbed the cliff that made up the waterfall.  That, she considered clumsy of her.  She could have fallen and hurt herself badly.  She reached the top of the cliff and sat on a boulder as she finished watching him undress.  He was magnificent.  He had thick dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a face that belonged to a warrior angel.  She slowly ran her greedy eyes over his body, what she could see of it and sighed.  That was exactly what a warrior should be built like.  His body was well toned and perfectly proportioned.  She wanted every inch of it.  Her smile widened.  He was hers.  All hers.  Her Life Mate, and no one better forget that.  Could life get any better?

Lociel pretended not to notice how Arazel was watching every move he made.  He even schooled his face into a study of indifference as he walked to the rocks that bordered the pool and dove into the cool clear water below.  He made sure he was set at an angle where she would need to lean forward to get a good look at him, and he was sure she was.  His Life Mate was a bold one.  He wondered how bold.

Lociel barely broke the surface of the water when he felt the percussion of a body hitting the water.  He smiled.  His Life Mate was an eager little beaver.  He was sure he knew what was coming up next.  Arazel was about to spring a surprise attack on him from below.  It was a classic move given the circumstances.  He took a deep breath and braced himself for action.  It wasn’t long in coming.  He could feel her close in on him and he decided he liked some of the benefits of the bond.

Lociel had never felt so connected to another living being.  He could tell where she was at all times.  He was not able to read her mind, but he could second-guess what she might do.  Right now she was very close and closing in on him from below.  It was time to move.  The first step of the trap had been sprung and the old game of cat and mouse was about to be played out.  Again.

Arazel almost lost her concentration.  Where had he gone?  She had just about touched him and he had disappeared.  No one could move that fast.  She spun around under the surface of the water to get a fix on him.  Where was he?  She decided she needed some air and she started to rise to the surface.  She never reached her destination.

Lociel knew what was about to happen.  Arazel would be after him like a dog after a rabbit.  It was time for fun and games.  By the time they were finished playing they would be bonded.  He was looking forward to it.  He was willing to bet they had a King or two who would be expecting some sign of gratitude as well.  He could handle that.  He wrapped his hand around her ankle and pulled her down to the bottom of the pond, let go and shot up to reach the surface.



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