Don’t forget the trivia contest

All right, so I had this idea… put up a trivia contest on the Elven Chronicles on my website… a new question every Wednesday and Sunday until after Celebration of light has been released in or about the beginning of December. It would ask questions on all of the books of the series up and including that short story. Why? Well, why not? Should be fun, right? We will see. Of course a contest is nothing without a prize… now what should that be? An Elven necklace? An Elven belt? Something made up with an Elven weave… hum… sounds interesting. I have got someone working on the pattern, someone who knows how to make something special. I wonder what it will be. The weave looks good, magical. We will have to see what he comes up with, even I have not been allowed into his workshop as he designs his treasure. As we await his release of the design he chooses, we continue to ask the questions, double check the rules on the website. These things are important. The questions are under the Trivia label.

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget the trivia contest

  1. emilylucero says:

    I have answqered through 13 and will check to see if 14 is up. The prize sounds wonderful a one of a kind piece of beautiful jewelry great prize.I was answering just for the fun of it. LOL

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