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Marious is an Elven diplomat and a favorite of the Light Elven King Daroth. It was he who had been chosen to accompany his uncle Gabriel to gather their people to bring back home and now he has once more been chosen to escort his uncle and new life mate Eden to rescue the Sentinels in the Dark Elven King’s lands. Not all has gone well though and he is now being dispatched by the King to travel into the Wild Lands to bring back an Elven maiden that has been seen in visions helping the now very pregnant Eden in her task.

Tamarak has lived in the wild lands almost her entire life, she has been left alone to face the dangers of land and inhabitants and she has done well just to be able to survive. Where she goes her birds follows, her snow owl Elsa and those others that she calls to her aid in times of danger. She is wily and the prettiest little Elf Marious has ever seen outside of his homeland. She is also his soul mate, but she will need time, time to get used to the changes being brought out of her solitary life in the wild lands and in the midst of the Elven Empire. Time to accept that she no longer has to be alone, and he finds she is willing and eager to learn, though not with just anyone.

Marious’ Story
by M.A. Abraham is the second book in her Elven Chronicles series. When we left off from Gabriel, the first book in the series, Marious had left to find the girl who talks to birds, as Eden needs her help to save the Sentinels in the land of the Dark Elves.

We pick up in Marious’ Story, with him looking for the girl, Tamarak, with his travel companion Sevil, a dark elf.  Both have had a hard time, being attacked by a bear, birds, snakes, and Mariouis suspsected that it was Tamarak, who has an infinity with animals, who was behind the attacks, to make them leave her territory.  The attacks were not meant to harm them, more to annoy or scare them away.  When they finally capture her, Marious does all he can to keep Sevil away from Tamarak, as Marious knows right away she is his lifemate.  What ensues for a short period, is the trip back to the dark lands, that is somewhat similar to Gabriel bringing Eden back to his homeland.  Tamarak is sarcastic to both, and despite Marious sense of humor, she still tries to find ways to run away.  But because Sevil is not nice, and she recognizes that he is a dark elf, anytime he comes near her, Tamarak runs to Marious for safety.

Once they return to the dark land, where Gabriel and Eden await them, she runs into her mother and uncle, whom she hasn’t seen in 500 years.  Her mother has changed, and Tamarak senses this.  But her uncle welcomes her with open arms, and such love.  But because she is a valued member of his family, he wants her to mate with one of the Dark Elfs.  Everytime they come to meet Tamarak, she runs to safety to Marious’s arms.  He is the one she feels free and safe with.  He is the one she knows in time is her lifemate.  Gabriel and Eden took a lot longer then this.  However, it isn’t easy for Tamarak or Marious, as Torrent, Tamarak’s uncle does not approve of Marious and is determined to keep them apart.

While in the Dark Lands, Tamarak works with Eden to bring in the birds to save the Sentinels, and Eden now needs to go back home, as she is due momentarily to give birth to triplets.  Of course, Tamarak goes with them, and so does Torrent.  It was nice to spend time with many of the characters from Gabriel, such as Eden, Gabriel, C’liandra, King Daroth,Haylo, as well as meet some new characters such as Torrent, Serenity.  The villain in this book is Prince Brennor.

Once again, M.A. Abraham continues the story of the Elven Chronicles, and gives us another wonderful romance.  I loved Marious and Tamarak together; loved seeing Eden have her triplets; enjoyed Gabriel with his children, his nephew, and his strength to help fight off the oncoming evil villain that threatens Tamarak.  I totally loved learning about all the things Tamarak can do with the birds, how she can talk to them, and their protection and loyalty to her, as well as loving Elsa, the owl.

M.A. Abraham takes us back to the world of Elves, but most importantly, she brings us back to a story that is fun, entertaining, and total pure romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed Marious’ Story.

Reviewed by Barb


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