The Price Of Betrayal

They are twins, brothers who have been separated by a foolish act caused by the jealousy of one for the other.  Arlyn is sentenced to exile for a crime he did not do.  Ayden has been left to live with the guilt that his actions have precipitated.  Arlyn leads those who follow him into exile as he lives in the shadow of the Empire.  Ayden allows the despair that knowing his actions has caused his Empire and family pain.  This is their journey, one that spans more than a millennium.  This is the story of the Empire that they serve.  The friends and family that each of their lives touch, as they live their lives, and how those lives bring them back home.


Elf Hunt #2


10 thoughts on “The Price Of Betrayal

    1. maabraham says:

      Yes it is… If you remember Eden’s meeting with her great uncle Aydon in Gabriel… this is the story behind the rift that his actions caused centuries before, as well as how others dealt with their parts of it, and more. It is only a short story, to answer any questions left about Aydon and his twin Arlyn (Elizara’s father).

      1. maabraham says:

        Handing Sandy box of Kleenex ultra soft. It isn’t that big of a deal. I cannot believe the amount of books you go through. I wouldn’t be able to remember either. 😀

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