Together Arlyn and Mayli watched as Ayden looked away from them.  His eyes scanned a group of maidens standing together in the crowd.  One of the females averted her gaze from the one seeking contact and Mayli gave a soft intake of breath laced with horror.

“Oh my love,” Mayli gasped out to her Life Mate, quietly so she would not be overheard by the crowd building around them.  “He loses so much with his bitter actions.  She should go to him, speak with him, offer him comfort.”

Arlyn knew what Mayli was talking about.  His bother’s Life Mate stood amongst the members of the crowd.  The girl could feel the betrayal through the link she shared with Ayden.

“She will not go to him,” Arlyn replied.  “She feels his guilt every bit as much as we do.  She will break the bond rather than live with the shame.  I can feel the thread weakening between them.”

Arlyn could feel his brother’s confusion.  He was also feeling the threads of the Life Mate bond, Arlyn could tell.  The pains of Ayden’s guilt; however, were stronger and threatened to smother the connection.  Arlyn watched as his brother’s attention swung back to him and he tried to send a message back through their familiar tie.

“Go to her brother, comfort her, do not let her do this.  If you do not seek to bind your love to your side now, you will both lose.”

Arlyn knew some part of Ayden heard him, for his brother turned once more to check out the crowd of maidens.  He was disappointed when Ayden’s gaze brushed over the girl and carried on.  He closed his eyes and sent him another missive.  He wanted his brother to know how much it mattered to him.

“My beloved brother.  The price you pay for your actions is too high.  Seek understanding and forgiveness, it will be granted.  I know it will.  Do not continue in the direction you are headed.  Please Ayden, do not do this.”

Ayden ignored the plea his brother sent.  Arlyn felt his eyes sting with the effect of the unshed tears that sprung into his eyes.  His brother was not listening, and in deciding to follow the course he had decided on he was denying both him and his Life Mate a happy life together.



4 thoughts on “Excerpt From THE PRICE OF BETRAYAL

  1. Enikö says:

    nothing you write is just a little story Mary Ann… :D… your stories are awesome, I wish they would come faster… 🙂

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