Marious’ Story Excerpt and Fan Art

Marious’ first meeting with Tamarak in the trees had been the result of a game they had been playing, almost like hide and go seek. It had been innocent and fun. The second time had been due to an argument between her and her uncle. There had been more guidelines put down for her to follow and she had rebelled. The result of the fight between them had been for her to run off into the trees to be with her birds. There she had noticed Marious walking alone on the trail. She had sent Elsa after him. They had spent the whole afternoon cuddling and softly giggling as he gave her kissing lessons. In no time it had become a challenge, with the game being how to spend time together without Torrent catching them. Now the game had progressed to the point where both sides of the playing field had become more inventive. They were finding it exciting, fun, and it lent spice to their forbidden meetings. Tamarak was in heaven.

Fan art submitted by Karen Elizabeth Ann Barnstable. Featuring Marious & Tamarak sitting in the tree … k …. i …. s … s … i … n … g …..

Elf Hunt #2


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