Nothing like a good backup

A special thank you to a niece and nephew who came out to my home and helped to set up the new computer. I doubt if I could have done it on my own. I have a degree of learning to know what I am doing with some of the programs in here, but I will make this work. I must admit, there are a lot of programs I need to learn about.

In the new week I plan to do a cover reveal for the book I plan to release in February, ‘To Tame a Warrior Princess. I also have to spend some time on the website updating my release schedule. This means I have to also get busy and begin to write again. Hopefully I will find the time and incentive to do this now that I have a computer that gets into programs the old one didn’t before.

I am in the midst of doing a couple of interviews for blogs, so you will hear about those in the new year. I will give dates for them and let you know when they are going to be released.

I am basically ready for Christmas, outside of the shaking down of the house again, which is a common occurrence. Floors always need to be dusted, and washed. Furniture cleaned off, dishes done, you know what I am talking about. The Christmas tree is up, presents are bought, and as I have no children to get into them they are under the tree already.

What I do have is cats, one wants to chew at the tree, while the other wants to steal whatever stuffed toy is in the bags. I won’t allow this because he kills them, and the toddlers who are going to get them want them in one piece.

So, before I get called away, I will wish you smooth sailing while you get ready for the holidays, whichever one you celebrate, and I will connect with everyone in a few days with the cover reveal. Take care, watch for ice when you are walking or driving and stay safe.


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