Up and Running

I can finally gain access on my website again, which means you will be hearing from me from time to time once more. Do I have updates? Most definitely. Cover releases? Gotta know it. Have I been busy… debatable, although I have been doing other things. I do need to get motivated with the pen and paper once more though. I must admit I have missed connecting with the rest of the world.

How did I get reconnected? I bought a new computer. Did it take long to connect? Becca was here for nearly 5 hours, and it hadn’t finished transferring all of the files from the old computer. Then came getting into it. That took several hours, plus a night sleep, followed by the better part of two hours on the phone and online with one of Apple’s computer specialists. (He told me I am a very patient person, imagine that.) Anyway. I will begin to connect again with my Saturday newsletters. This is what it looks like, yes, I stole the picture from the internet. Talk to you Saturday.


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