I’m back

I am not going to promise anything as it has been that kind of year that throws curves at people, especially me. I have gotten myself involved in so many projects I don’t know where to start. I had thought I was finished with writing books for 2021…. as I remember, the cartoons warned us about over-confidence. I have 3 more to go. What does this mean? It means you will have 4 more books to read from me than I had planned. (No, I am not going to give details, I don’t think it is allowed yet.)

I spent the entire week typing on ledgers, there were 4, and I am now in straightening up mode so I can have some time to myself… cough. I look at my computer desk and groan, it needs a serious shakeup. The rest of the house isn’t so bad. I have the meatballs made up for Christmas, the rest is mainly last minute items. All of my shopping is done, such as it is this year. The tree is up, as well as all of the decorations I am going to put up. I only have 1 last project and I hope it goes quickly, but I know better than to put wagers on it. As I said, it has been that kind of a year.

I have a few covers on order, those are due to begin at any time, but I need to get busy with writing their books. (Next year). I think most of you know that the trailer has been done for Vengeance has a daughter and that it is up on YouTube. The Tratchar is going into last stage edits this week. I am waiting for the first stage edit to come back at me for Crossing the Boundary. (That one is a short one and will release this spring, Yes, you didn’t know about that one. I will begin the following one shortly, and then return to writing on ‘Phoenises’ Rules’. It seems not everything is going the way the people on Tantalus thought it would and it needs handling.

‘The Legacy’ is very close to releasing, only 8 more days. I am getting a good response for that one and have an interview to send a couple of the girls on. Not going to give too much information out on that. Then there will be the Anthology, which we are all waiting for. I cruised on the writing front for most of this year, but know that I am going to need to get serious about writing these stories in 2021. Why, when I have books written to release in years up to 2023? Time can sneak up on a writer.

As for the rest, it is time I took the fact that Christmas is getting closer and I need to take it seriously. With this in mind, in case I don’t get another chance to do this before that great day, I am wishing every a Merry Christmas. Stay healthy and positive, things will get better.

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