Always the same question

I keep asking, where does all this work coming from. sad-face Despite my best efforts, I doubt if I will ever catch up. AddEmoticons04268 Ever feel that you are falling behind big time? AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 In the meantime, the bratz are cuddled up together in the sunlight purring because they are being warmed by the sun. cat 36 Three hours ago they were bouncing all over me trying to inflict injury on each other… I know this personally because I have scratches on parts of me I refuse to mention. CatSmiley21 Screaming, so not fair here kits. They tend to take turns during the day between jumping into my arms and pouting on the TV control unit. cat 53 10-16-27 The one in the arms purrs and tries to nap, while the one on the unit pouts and gives the other one evil looks.

I am slowly getting back into the writing mode and Currently working on Chapter XVI. AddEmoticons04274 I figure that as I am not in a rush there is no sense pushing myself. A poor excuse if better than none. AddEmoticons04231 While I slowly work on this, Sarah is working on ‘Equals’ and Eniko is working on ‘Angelika Leanne’. I believe Eniko has 7 books in her file looking for attention, which will explain my laxness. Sounds like a good enough excuse to me. mini-graphics-snoopy-712196 Betty finished proofreading ‘Final Contact’ and many people are waiting for this one to release. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon It is now in Becca’s hands for formatting. As for the new book I am working on, ‘The Tratchar’, I have to begin typing on it soon because I have 100 pages done and this takes time. AddEmoticons04274 I usually pace myself when this happens, two Chapters a day until it is done.

As we all know, ‘Standing in the Light’ was released yesterday and the review is on The Reading Cafe. There is a giveaway there, so if anyone goes and comments, know it is open to all.

Beyond work, work and more work, which has a limited appeal for conversation. There isn’t much I have to say. So, I am going to skulk off to see to other things… (I personally would like to go back to sleep). AddEmoticons04258 Of course we know the bratz would be happy if that happened. cat 26 Oh well, maybe tonight. Until next weekend, have a good one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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