No, I have no intention of starting another series with Zombies, just feel like one, well probably. dog5 The cats have been on a roll and even keeping them up all day hasn’t helped. CatSmiley21 The saying that they sleep 16 hours in a day? In whose dreams? cat 53 10-16-27 Tath has finally learned that he can go too far and last night he hit that point. cat 39 I didn’t spank him or strike him, a warning hiss and growl goes a long way to keeping him under control…. choke. cat 53 10-16-27 Well, I try anyway. Thena is good when it comes to going to bed. If I am in there, so is she and content to cuddle in close. cat 10 Tath wants to play and is known to attack her when she isn’t interested, or if she is in his spot. cat 45 Lately, she has been the better behaved of the two, unless you pick up the nail clippers and look at her with intent.

I am currently writing on Chapter XI in ‘The Tratchar’ and it is going well. smiley-happy120 I am not racing through it, too many interruptions for that, but I still have to put most of what I had on my list to go into it into play. AddEmoticons04263 This gives me a lot of material to use. I am definitely going to have to go into Goodreads and change the synopsis there, because things have been thrown a twist, imagine that. AddEmoticons04279 I am still waiting for the pictures of T’Harris and Anders, but I do have a cover for my secret project. Sorry, I can’t talk about that one, but I am on Chapter 5 of the second part of that project. We are working on other parts of it too. AddEmoticons04231

I won’t be here next Saturday because I will be in Niagara Falls at the RTF19 signing. AddEmoticons04257 That is going to be so much fun, all the authors I know that have been there say so. I am looking forward to the break and will remember to take my writing pad with me, as well as lots of pens because they are popular.

Eniko has been busily working on the edits for ‘Angelika Leanne’ whenever she gets a spare moment and I am not sure if I will get them before I leave, but if I do, they will be with Candice for the next phase. AddEmoticons04262 Sarah has been working on ‘Final Contact’ and keeps telling me shortly. If it gets here in time to be done, I will move it on to the next before leaving too. Smiley-Begging Only a proof read to do with that one after Sarah is through and then it will be on to Becca for formatting because it is time.

This will be a busy week for me, especially if I get the edits back. I would be doing those, getting packed and on Wednesday I get my hair and nails done, though not in that order. AddEmoticons04258 I guess I should go shopping before I leave too, mainly because there isn’t much food in the house and my weekend visitors will get here before I do. Gotta think of these things.

Anyway, I will have a lot to tell you when I get back, so I will save your eyes for that. AddEmoticons04263 There will be the news from RTF19, as well as announcements for Kalicon, which will be held in October… so much going on. AddEmoticons04231 On this note, I will wish all the mothers a happy Mother Day and say until weekend after next, have a safe and enjoyable time… AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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