Lighting the Forest.

Excerpt from Celebration of Light; copyright, 2012

On the forest floor below the branches of the great Sentinel, Daroth called his people to order. He raised his arms and millions of fairy lights came to life throughout the forest. This was his gift to his people. It was a memory and part of the tradition that was to be carried on from year to year. Each light represented a life, one light for every Elf who had ever lived, or ever would live. They sparkled and danced in the night and lit the forest around them with their beauty and magic.

The Elves looked at the beauty of their world and gave a collective sigh. A moment later, a single voice rose to sing an ancient Elven song of devotion to the guiding light. Arlyn. It was a song that had not been heard in ten thousand years or more. A song he had found in the ancient texts. No one knew why it had been amongst the things that had been lost to their race from the past. Another voice rang out to join the first. Ayden. It did not take long before another voice rang out to join in song as well. Then another.

Eden and Gabriel got up to stand at the rail of their balcony. Marious and Tamarak stood beside them. Their souls remembered this song. It was a part of them. A part of what made them Elves. This was the time when this song should be sung. Had been sung in the past. Their voices rose to blend with thousands of others. This was their tribute to the light that guided their lives. The forest resonated with the song of the Elves.

Celebration of Light Book 2.75 of The Elven Chronicles
Celebration of Light Book 2.75 of The Elven Chronicles

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