Only a few more days

The month is almost over, which means there is only a few more days until the release of ‘Teryka Rose’. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticonWe are close to the release of the audiobook for ‘Hunter’s Challenge’ as well. At the same time, I expect to be finished writing, if not typing the rough manuscript for ‘Tyndal’… super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon … no, I still haven’t thought of a date for the release on this one.AddEmoticons04279 Tomorrow, I expect to see some of the things I ordered for ‘Igniting the Soul’ and ‘Kalicon’. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon Are we all getting excited for these two events? Each day brings us closer and it seems like it is coming at us fast. AddEmoticons04257

This week the company I work with, outside of my writing, had the safety papers audited. AddEmoticons04274 I have to admit, it was funny to see the auditor trying to work around Thena and Tath, who both decided to tell him how bad they had it 54 No attention, yada 45 It got bad enough that I had to bring out the space guns. To be fair, the guy was good about it, he petted them for a few moments before putting them down, but that only made things worse for 53 10-16-27 I actually think he was relieved when I shot a couple of those rubber rings at Thena, usually all it takes is starting up the little motor in it and she is gone.CatSmiley21 This time it took 3 shots. cat 10 Tath looked at her as if to say… “I could have told you she wouldn’t hold back.”  Thena returned about 2 minutes later to resume her bugging. cat 26By then the inspector was finished, something he wouldn’t have been able to do if I wasn’t so insistent about keeping those papers in alpha numerical 3 Yes, I can be like that. Anyway, he left happy, with a few pens from the Elven Chronicles for his 50 I thought that rather sweet that he wanted them because she loves the words of bonding.

This upcoming week is going to be busy. smiley-confused005 Not only do I intend to finish off ‘Tyndal’, which means 5-6 chapters more to write, but typing all of it, and then reworking the rough manuscript, which will take a couple of days because it is a short one.nervous-934 I also need to do a major shopping trip, we all know what that means, Costco.making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Rumour has it that little bro is going to drive out from the B.C. interior and show up on Saturday, with the idea of arriving in time for bro #2 and his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration.AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 He is going to be beat. I need to dust the house and a few other things like that.AddEmoticons04231 I would say nothing really drastic, but it still needs to be done. When he leaves, I will begin writing ‘Standing in the Light’, which will be another novella. AddEmoticons04274 Hoping to be finished that one for the end of August or around that time. Then, I am going to rest up for the two signings, which means reading books and generally mucking about.MSN-Emoticon-155

Well, all things considered, I think I have talked long enough. It is time for me to tend to other matters.AddEmoticons04259 So, until next week, have a great summer and enjoy the heat as you can. Hopefully some of the scorching temperatures I have been hearing about will tame down to become something more bearable.  AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

One thought on “Only a few more days

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL – that gun of yours really comes in handy. Thena can be such an obstinate puss!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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