Slowing Down

The first 12 chapters of ‘Angelika Leanne’ came at me fast and furiously, but since then I have only written 4, soon to be 5.  Granted, I still have 4 days to write an equal amount, but we all know this isn’t happening… … not to mention that I haven’t typed a word of it into the computer yet.  That is going to be brutal and I will have to pace myself.  I am expecting 2 manuscripts back from different people on the editing team, which will cut into my writing time, but not by much.  It will be good to see the one reach the end of the trail and go into formatting.  I suspect there could be movements from another by then.  As there are 2 novellas in the works, you know that a couple titles will look like they are moving fast, but that is because they are not touching on 90-100,000 words.  These things take time.

The one thing I have noticed is that the grass is really moving.  It is the time of the year when it seems like it always needs to be cut.  The lilacs are no longer in bloom, which is sad because I love the smell of lilacs.  The apple tree lost all its petals and, if there are as many apples on that tree as there were blossoms, lookout.  Next in line to bloom is the wild roses, and I have a ton of them.  The choke cherry tree is still in bloom, as is the wild plum tree.  Things are gearing up for an interesting summer.  I am still looking at the possibility of having both ‘Angelika Leanne’ and ‘Standing in the Light’ done by the end of July.  That is 2 months faster than I thought would happen, what will I do?  Not to be concerned, I will come up with something.

I got a tiny Yoshi in the mail and it became the immediate possession of Tath.  The meanie has torn one of its arms off already, but they are inseparable.  He spends more time playing with that than he does with Thena.  She doesn’t mind, as long as she can have extra nap time on top of me.  They are sooooo spoiled.  I keep saying Thena came pre spoiled, so it isn’t all my fault.  I have been downsizing, which means I go into the part of the house we call the sunporch a lot, something Thena loves and she is fast getting into there when I go in.  Yesterday, she spent 2 hours yelling at me because I left her behind.

Well, enough of this nonsense.  I have added to my book list on Goodreads, but outside of that, I haven’t done much more than paperwork and writing.  Will keep you up to date on my progress.  Until next week, have a good time and enjoy the summer.

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