Another Pen Bit the Dust

I have gained the reputation of being a pen killer, imagine that. AddEmoticons04263 The last person at home that teased me about this was told that I buy my pens in bulk, which is pretty much the case of things. AddEmoticons04231 I have this belief that the manuscripts should be scripted and then revised a little as they go into the electronic file.  Right now, I am close to being finished writing the manuscript for ‘The Princess’, which will be going into the reworking file as soon as I have written – and then typed – the words leading into ‘The Priestess. AddEmoticons04274 This should happen some time this weekend or Monday at the latest. Smiley-Begging Reworking should be finished by the end of next week. AddEmoticons04259 Instead of working on ‘Angelika Leanne’, as I had planned, I will go back into ‘Equals’, to see if I can finish that off by the end of May. AddEmoticons04259  As it was written once before, and is being revised, it is possible.  (It is growing exponently as I go through it though, something that needs reining in.)AddEmoticons04231

I have finished ordering things for the signings I will be at this year, Ignite Your Soul 2018 and Kalicon 2018. AddEmoticons04257 Both this fall. They sound like they are going to be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to meeting some of my readers, as some of them have told me they are travelling a long way to see me.  I am feeling both humbled and proud.  AddEmoticons04267

The bratz are on the hunt, now that spring is here. cat 50 Yes, there is no spider safe in the house and there were 2 of them this week, imagine that. CatSmiley21  Thena is a little daintier about them, she kills them and spits them out.  Tath eats his. cat 36 I am thinking they might be fattening or something.  (Or maybe it is one of the things she is allergic to.) dd27 Other than that, they seem to really get their noses out of joint when I leave the building, which really hasn’t been a lot, because I am working on finishing ‘The Princess’. cat 53 10-16-27

This upcoming week, outside of reworking ‘The Princess’ and possibly getting back into ‘Equals’, I have the last edits for ‘Teryka Rose’ coming at me, or so I have been forewarned. AddEmoticons04263 I will let you know how all this went next weekend in the next blog.  I am not sure how far anyone else has gotten with the other manuscripts they are working on – ‘Final Contact’ and ‘Hidden Kingdoms’. smiley-confused005 I may have a better idea about that too.  In the meantime, I need to get my old van to the shop for people to see what is wrong with the poor thing. nervous-934 Until next week, have a good one, and enjoy the springlike weather… AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “Another Pen Bit the Dust

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    The Dynamic Duo eating spiders – YUCK!! Going to have to call you KOP (Killer of Pens)!! You need to buy stock in that company! Sounds like a busy weekend for you but do enjoy the nice weather!!

    1. maabraham says:

      Betty, the weather is supposed to be absolutely fantastic this weekend, well into the 70s F. … Of course then it will dip down, but hey, this is Canada. 😉

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