Turkey time

It is Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., turkey-waving although I haven’t seen the great amount of excitement about it that I usually do. 8_5_28 No matter, that won’t stop anyone from warming up the atmosphere with the welcoming feel of the holiday, and making enough comfort food to feed a nation. animated_thanksgiving_dinner_at_smileys Sending our American friends our best wishes from Canada, were we are finished with everything but Christmas at this time of the year. thanksgiving-prayer

So, you ask, what am I going to do this chilly day? AddEmoticons04280 Probably the same ole, which amounts to working on one or two books. AddEmoticons04231 I was checking out the chapter I was working on in ‘The General’ yesterday evening and thinking … yuk. AddEmoticons04274 I will have to fix that.  I am taking a few hours break from ‘Hidden Kingdoms’, mainly because I am in between episodes and need time to recharge before getting into the next… which is going to end in quite a surprise. AddEmoticons04263 Just love when the Sons and Daughters of the Sun swing into action in these books. AddEmoticons04258 I should be trudging past the halfway point in ‘Hidden Kingdoms’, while I am only a little over the quarter mark in ‘The General’.  Then again, ‘The General’ doesn’t release until around 2020, while ‘Hidden Kingdoms’ releases in December of next year. AddEmoticons04279

Tath is running around this morning with his ears spread and eyes narrowed, as he watches Thena. cat 22 She did the unforgivable.  She jumped up on the bed to join in to his romp time with mama. cat 47 I have a feeling she knows she is in trouble, but will find a way around it…. she usually does. cat 50 In fact, I have to watch her, because she will very vocally object to his roughhousing around, in a way that makes me wonder if he is hurting her. dd27 He always gives me this… but, but, but… look.  (before tuning her up for real)  No one likes a tattletale. cat 28 Actually he should be grateful to her, he has learned a lot of bad habits from her during the time they have been together. CatSmiley21 I wish he would catch on to a few of her good ones. cat 53

So, I bet you are curious what I am working on that is special at this time of the year that I skirted in the past. AddEmoticons04263 I will announce that shortly, LOL. AddEmoticons04231 Yes, I have a project that I am thinking some know about, and I am excited about it, more now than when I began. AddEmoticons04237 With that I will leave you to your pumpkin pies and turkey drumsticks, and ponder when I should roll out the drum to make the announcement, and go feel the kitties, as they are nagging. cat 45 (you would understand why the later if you ever heard Tath nag. OY!) AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43

Until next week, enjoy your time with family and friends and be good, because we all know who is coming around the corner. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

One thought on “Turkey time

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, Thena and Tath are just too much. She’s a bad girl trying to steal his time with you but he stands up for himself quite well. You are moving along just fine with your stories. Amazing that your mind just keeps going and going. Hope you have a good weekend. Shared of course. :;_

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