Memories, for this is the day

Another blog with no emojis, I know a few would would have words about me for this, as although they thought the idea of adding them different, they said they enjoyed seeing them, for it made them smile.  I like the idea of making people smile, it raises the spirits and helps to change the outlook of our vision.

Today, however, is more of a time for reflections of the past, the sacrifices people in general have made.  We all have memories about what this means.  We think of things that were done to bring the meaning of this day into the forefront.  I remember how we used to stand in the gym at school during the wailing of the pipes, yes, we were fortunate enough to have a student who knew how to play the pipes in our school.  It was but one way we remembered.  The reflections of what the day meant to us, how it affected the world around us, those stayed with us all of our lives.

They weren’t all we thought about, after all we are the living looking into the past of the long ago.  We had things happening all around us that had meaning, if only to us.  Despite this, we took the time to respect the memory of people who gave us the right to the life we were living.  Today, we need to sit back, if only for a moment and reflect upon those whose lives have affected ours, both present and in the past.  Some are with us in stories, others in actual memory.  Their lives all have meaning.

I looked out into the yard yesterday and saw a lone doe foraging for food amidst the snow and dead grass.  I smiled, thinking that if all goes well for that animal, there will be a doe and a fawn crossing the yard in spring.  One season follows the other, as does the times of our lives.  If we are to survive, we need to learn to respect the life we are given, for we are only given the one, even if it returns, the spirit that lives on still remains the same, no matter the plane of existence we come back to.

Next week, I will return to the old pattern.  It is time to sit back and think now, and then move forward.  For some that will be more difficult than it is for others.  Until next week, take care, and love your world as you strive to make it a better place.

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