Never trust your muse

I know I said that I would be finished with ‘People of the Phoenix’ by this time, but guess what… the muse lied. AddEmoticons04279  She came up with a little more for me to write on it. AddEmoticons04263 That, compounded with a little health problem, has slowed things down for a while. dog5 Oh, BTW, anyone sees one of the fates… give her a fat lip for me. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Will see what happens yet… 2017 has been a year for the records.  AddEmoticons04274 No wonder I write about alien worlds. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43

Tath and Thena have been fairly good, they let me sleep most of the night.  CatSmiley21Don’t laugh, lately they have been getting a little of their own back, which makes them understand 39. understand what though is the question. cat 26 I must say that from all it looked like when I got home this morning, they hadn’t slept in the bed all night. cat 22 No one to warm it for them I guess. cat 53 10-16-27

It is sure feeling like fall lately, although we are having a really good weekend. AddEmoticons04257 We could use less moisture, but the geese are happy. AddEmoticons04263 They are flying all over and raiding the farmers fields for whatever they can find to fatten up for the flight South for the winter. AddEmoticons04258 I am still waiting for them to charter that 747 to use as a way to frustrate all those hunters. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 That would be interesting, although I wonder how long it would take to clean all the feathers from the interior… now there is a thought. MSN-Emoticon-155

Anyway, I am going to make this very short. AddEmoticons04274 By the end of next week I should have the end of the manuscript I am working on written, typed and reworked. cat 36 As for edits, we will see.  I keep saying soon, but it is what it is.  Good thing I am ahead of the game for now. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Until next week, be good and try to envision Tath playing fetch and mouse with a little stuffed moose.  cat 26 AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “Never trust your muse

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    Seems that always happens to you, you wind up writing more than what you originally thought you would. When the muse raises its head, you have to listen! I hope you enjoy your weekend too and glad the Dynamic Duo are calming down some.

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