It is questionable

Is there such a thing as catching up? AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 I know some of you think no, but it is coming.  I finished writing Chapter VII in ‘People of the Phoenix’ last night and I know what will be in Chapter VIII already. AddEmoticons04257 Chapter IX will be a little dicy, but I already have Chapter X in the back of my mind, and it will be rocky. AddEmoticons04280 Chapter XI will be the end chapter, with Chapter XII being no more than a page or two long. Smiley-Begging At the moment, I am 3 chapters behind with my typing, mainly because I haven’t done any for a couple of days. AddEmoticons04279 When this story is reworked, I will run through “Final contact’ one more time, and put it into the editing pile.  clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon

Tath and Thena seem to have settled down somewhat, with the idea that it is getting cooler outside. cat 14 So far the weather has been a little up and down,  But, it is fall, so we can expect that king of thing.  The Geese are gathering and you can see thousands of them out in the fields eating. AddEmoticons04263 They are preparing to fly South for the winter, and so are some of my friends.  Those that I feel the sorriest for right now are those that have gone through so much in different parts of the world. AddEmoticons04268 There has been so much destruction and devastation. AddEmoticons04274 It hurts to watch the news and see people suffering.  They have been left with nothing. AddEmoticons04274 Mother Nature has not treated her people well.  Our continued prayers for these people continue, but they need more, so much more. AddEmoticons04264

As I type, Tath comes up to me and reaches up, sends a kitty kiss and gives a quiet little ‘mom’ in that Siamese sounding voice. cat 3 I must admit, they sure can throw a lot of heat during the night, a feather blanket is too much with them snuggled tight against a person. cat 22 The door opens, brother comes in, and both he and Thena are off to investigate, as well as greet the guest. CatSmiley21 He says they are friendliest with him when I am gone, but that is only because they know him. cat 36 Yes, they are very heavily bonded, with some of the same ideas that Snoop had when he was living before them. cat 53 10-16-27 The answers to some of their hopes are also the same ones the master Snoop got… NO, I am NOT going to bed. cat 54 NO, this is not the time to be held, I am typing. cat 26 But, as there are 2 of them, there is the odd night when there is a kitty fight over possession of the living body that is sharing their bed. cat 45

How are things coming, you ask, as far as the books that are in the system goes? AddEmoticons04280 Well, Eniko planned on beginning the edits on ‘Teryka Rose’ this weekend. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon Sara is doing the finishing touches to ‘The Phoenixes Choice’ and ‘Return from the Ashes’. Smiley-Begging As I told you further up, I am going to be finishing ‘People of the Phoenix’ this week. MSN-Emoticon-155 I am then going to take that break for a week that I promised myself, before getting into ‘Hidden Kingdoms’. MSN-Emoticon-book-105

With this all in mind… I am making HM vegetable soup today. AddEmoticons04231 The meat is cooking up, I will be starting to cut up veggies shortly. AddEmoticons04231 By the end of the day I should have a big stock pot filled with soup, most of which I will freeze, and a chapter typed on the book I am writing.  giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon  Tomorrow, I will do the HM stew. AddEmoticons04259 And, all things considered, I didn’t buy enough onions. AddEmoticons04279 Sigh.  Oh well, next week, just like this blog, until next week, take care and be good and I will return. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “It is questionable

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    Mmmmm, soup and stew, ship some here 🙂 So glad you’ll be able to do some reading-you deserve some free time now. Glad the Dynamic Duo are settling down again. Enjoy your weekend.

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