Angel’s Haylo

Haylo clasped one of her mother’s hands between both of hers as she hovered over the bed. She knew what was happening, and had seen it many times before in her lifetime. She had experienced the heartbreak of losing someone cherished a few times before in her life. Her grandmother had died first; then her father, and now her mother. She would be the last one left of her family after this. She would be alone.

Haylo had been able to heal almost anything all of her life, she had a power to keep living creatures healthy. There was nothing; however, she could do to help anyone dying of old age. In her youth she had tried to use her powers to heal her grandmother. She had known she was not a natural daughter of the family, that she was an Elf and not a human like those around her. It had never mattered. Not to her parents, not to her. She was loved here. Happy. She belonged.

Haylo had felt a void deep within her soul as far back as she could remember. She didn’t know where the feeling came from, but it was there. She had everything a girl could have wanted, a loving family and a beautiful home. All of her life she had been treated like the most precious jewel. Now she was being left alone to live out the rest of her life. It seemed as if everyone she ever loved aged and died. Only she remained young and beautiful.

“My beautiful daughter,” the aged woman laying on the bed breathed as she raised a dry and frail hand to cup Haylo’s cheek. “I still remember the first moment I ever saw you. The first time I held you in my arms. You were so tiny, so precious. It was wrong to keep you, I should have told my mother that, but I couldn’t. You were meant to be mine.”

“I don’t understand mother,” Haylo turned cobalt blue eyes filled with unshed tears onto her mother.

“I need to tell you a story my darling baby girl. I promised my mother I would tell you who and what you are before I passed on. The time has come for me to fulfill that promise. It was her last wish. She felt it important that you know that even after we are gone that there are others you belong with. Family who will love you, and welcome you back into their midst.”

“No one could love me more than I have been loved.” Haylo wanted her mother to know that she understood that she had been cherished.

“My precious child you know you are not a product of my body, though I could not have loved another any more than you. Even my mother found herself unable to resist your charming personality. Elves are such wondrous beings. That is what you are my daughter, an Elven miracle.”

“I knew years ago mother, I don’t care.” Haylo assured her mother.

“Don’t interrupt child,” Haylo’s mother corrected her. “I have only a little time left, and this needs to be told. Now hush and listen.”

A silent tear fell unchecked from one of Haylo’s eyes and her mother sighed.

“Watching you cry can break my heart. I know you love me. As you do, be happy for me because I have lived a long life, blessed by your presence. When you were just a few days old my mother brought you into our home and placed you into my arms. This, my darling daughter is how you came to belong to me. This; Haylo, is your story.”

Angel's Haylo Book 1.5 of The Elven Chronicles
Angel’s Haylo Book 1.5 of The Elven Chronicles

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