Done in the wee hours

Well, Thanksgiving is nearly over in the USA, and in case I missed saying it last week, Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers. turkey-waving In most cases, the turkey has been eaten, the pumpkin pies decimated, and family and friends have renewed their acquaintances, if they had allowed the old ones to dim. animated_thanksgiving_dinner_at_smileys Black Friday came and went, I am hearing without much fanfare and now people are looking onwards towards the major holiday season of the year with anticipation/fear. ps-smilies-christmas Yes, for some it is fear.  The sight of two turkeys cooked so close together, along with all the trimmings, is enough to make anyone shake in their boots. TurkeysDancingDivider There is a reason the guy in the red suit is known to be a little overweight.  It is no different here. AddEmoticons04231

I spent Thanksgiving working, as with most days, and also part of the nights too lately. AddEmoticons04279 Yes, the bratz have been on the go again. CatSmiley21 It is time to let mama know that they are tired of being the good little kitties they were born to 39  I have become the springboard again. cat 53 10-16-27 The worse of the perpetrators, Tath. cat 26 Who would have thought it, with that innocent looking face, but it is true. cat 22 Thena tends to center her activities on jumping and generally playing escape artist, if she can. cat 32 That will stop when the snow comes, maybe. Smiley-Begging I can always tell when they have been on the tear, I find everything on its side when I wake up. cat 53 (Especially on the kitchen counter)  That counter sees more traffic that Chicago’s O’Hara air terminal at night. cat 28 You often find that Thena has been into every cupboard space, and has cleared it of everything movable. cat 36 I have learned not to leave anything breakable on it for the night.  Water glasses are particularly susceptible to her attention. cat 3 Tath attacks them when they are left anywhere else.AddEmoticons00950-1

Because of their nighttime activities being a little over the top lately, I have managed to get more of the rewriting done on ‘The Phoenixes Choice’ than I thought I would. AddEmoticons04264 That means it is approximately half done on that level. AddEmoticons04263 ‘The Siren Connection’ still needs the last four chapters written, but I will see to that when I am finished reworking ‘The Phoenixes choice’. AddEmoticons04257  Actually ‘The Siren Connection’ surprised me. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 I thought that it would end up being a romp, but it is actually turning out to be quite a builder, considering its size. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon You can already get an inkling about what ‘Final contact’ is going to be about. smiley-happy120 I figure by the end of this upcoming week, I should have both of them in the edits pile, and be ready to move on. AddEmoticons04274 It will also be time for a break, I am going to be reading this December, with January set to dive into ‘The Goddess’. AddEmoticons04262 I need to a bit of time to get my mind off Tantalus, if I am to head back into Elven worlds. AddEmoticons04231

Well, most people are not finished with their Thanksgiving celebrations, so I will let them get back to it. 8_5_28 Tath has just chased Thena off from what he considers her spot, and is proud of it. cat 53 She was very vocal about the way he was wrapping his gums around her throat. addemoticons00932 22-11-37 He can be such a bully at times. AddEmoticons00954 What does that leave for her? dd27 She is running around in circles (literally), trying to see what else she can get into, because the warmest spot in the house (which she had been lying in front of) has been usurped by Tath. cat 22 I am not too concerned, she will find a way to get back a little of her own. cat 50 So, on that note.  I will once more wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, from the Bratz and I, and get back to work here. pumpkin-pie-2 Until next week, have a good one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 cat 36

4 thoughts on “Done in the wee hours

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL – those two are just so full of it. I’m still chuckling. So glad you will be able to get some enjoyable reading done and maybe clear some of your TBR list. Have a good weekend.

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