Crazy dreams

I had the craziest dream, and couldn’t imagine beginning to consider consuming what I had made to eat in it. AddEmoticons04210  Shudder, I guess it couldn’t have been bad, everyone else in the dream ate it, shudder, but don’t ask me how. fever-and-sick Happy to say they ate my bowl of it as well. AddEmoticons04263 Something tells me I have been putting too much prepared food into the freezer for the winter. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 I have one more item to go, but that can be done at any time. AddEmoticons04258  As if I will wait long.  I really need to go into those freezers and sort things out.AddEmoticons04279  Working fast so Thena and Tath don’t end up in there as well as the packages can be tricky. AddEmoticons04264

Yes, they have been on a roll again, and getting up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom can be a challenge. sad-face Never do something like that without the lights on or you will trip over a cat that it running around at full speed, in and out through your legs, as well as in front of them. CatSmiley21 Where are you going mom? cat 3 Can we go too? cat 39 Can we join you? cat 36 Hold your hand? cat 26 We are here for you if needed. cat 53 10-16-27 And heaven forbid if you close the door on them! cat 45

Fall is here with a vengeance. rolling-pumpkin It isn’t really cold, we haven’t had frost yet, but the leaves are falling big time.  The geese are beginning to let us know it is time for them to get ready to fly south for the winter.AddEmoticons04259 13-25-14  Still remember the one chasing Snoop back to the house from the field. CatSmiley21 I don’t think he had ever run so fast, maybe it was the thought of that goose pecking at his tail from behind that gave him the extra speed. cat 3 He was sure proud of that tail of his. cat 36 To be fair to these two, they are also, and Tath’s is longer than Snoop’s was. cat 53 10-16-27 He just doesn’t have that attitude Snoop did.  He got loose earlier during the week. cat 32 Someone left the door ajar and Thena was outside like a whirlwind.  One of my sister in laws was headed up the ramp at that time and caught Thena immediately, Tath panicked and ran around the corner.  The hunt was on. AddEmoticons00954 I had to finish what I was doing first, and could leave.  Anyone else would have driven him further away, the scaredy cat. cat 44 I looked through half the yard before my sister in law called me to where he was.  He had tucked himself between the house and the airconditioner unit, and he was huddled in there tight.  As she put it, she knew better than to try to touch him, only I could have gotten away with that at the 54  He wound his arms around my neck when I got him out of there and held on for dear 53  It was an adventure he won’t forget soon I am 28

My books came in. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon It took most of the week, for an overnight delivery, but they got here. AddEmoticons04262 Both are gorgeous, Kings of the Empire makes Hunter’s challenge look thin, and it is not a small book either. AddEmoticons04231 Cora is working on the cover for ‘Beyond the Myth’ at the moment, and as usual, not having an easy time of it. AddEmoticons04279 I know she will do good though, she always does. AddEmoticons04257 I didn’t write much this week, too many interruptions.  People hovering isn’t my favourite way to get things done. AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 I did get a few more chapters done on Lost Kingdoms of the Empire, and it will be finished soon… Novellas are quicker to complete, don’t take as much planning. smiley-confused005 I need to get serious with The Phoenixes Choice though. Smiley-Begging  If I can get those two done, with time to spare before the end of the year, I will look at writing The Siren Connection, that should kick my mood up a notch. AddEmoticons04263 Becca is going crazy with all the formatting she needs to do too, she is going to be a busy girl this week, and yes, there should be updates for past books. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02

Thinking of this next month, I will have to go shopping again.  I need to get treats for the kiddies when they come around.AddEmoticons04258  Something else that needs doing.  October is beginning with the wheels of my van in motions with appointments for Thena and I, as well as filling up the fridge. AddEmoticons04274 Not to worry though, I will get those books written, I always seem to. AddEmoticons04257 On that note, I am off… I have things to do… freezers to organize, because I will have chickens being delivered in the middle of October, yes, I like to be ready for these things. AddEmoticons04274 So, until next week… have a good one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

One thought on “Crazy dreams

  1. emilylucero says:

    LOL Tath is such scardy cat. Thena is the one I worry about getting out though. She is small enough to be prey for owls and eagles and some hawks too.The books are beautiful and so excited to see the cover for BTM. A very cloudy and rainy day here today. Loved the Blog.

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