Hear me roar

I got up this morning, after going to bed late again last night, at 6am, to the sound of cat claws..AddEmoticons04279. First thought, if they are after my stereo speakers, they are dead cats. AddEmoticons04259  Got up… walked into the living room (and I have a large LR), they hadn’t touched my speakers. cat 3 BUT… there were collector cards all over the floor. cat 26 DEAD CAT..cat 32. you have a good idea which one by now. cat 36 She looks innocently at me, from in front of the package she has just trashed, as if to say..cat 53. look at all the nice pictures..dd27. and there is Gabriel spread all over the floor in all his glory. cat 28 I said one word (very loudly) THENA. AddEmoticons04256 That was an hour ago and they are still scrambling to hide whenever I come into a room.  cat 44

Yesterday it was Tath, and he ended up skinning his nose because he wouldn’t listen, CatSmiley11considering that he left 2 rivet marks across my upper arm when he did it, it couldn’t have happened to a more worthy cat. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon ALL DAY, he had been jumping up and down onto to me, onto the computer keyboard, onto the floor, onto the dresser .cat 53.. I think you get the picture. cat 39 This, while Thena was trying to figure out how to open the box that contains the Gabriel collector cards. cat 36  (I think she has developed a Gabriel fetish for some reason.) cat 50

Now, that said, I realize I have been busy and they are feeling neglected. AddEmoticons04279 I can expect the place to show that they have had free run of the house, because I have been editing..AddEmoticons04264. but the games have gone on too long.smiley-happy120  Growl. AddEmoticons04247 One cat just slinked out from behind the curtains and she is tiptoeing across the kitchen floor, I just saw her out of the corner of my eye. CatSmiley21  Tath is still under the bed. cat 22 When I was reorganizing the cards, they watched, as if they were trying to decide whether they should offer to help. cat 3 I told them not to even think about it. AddEmoticons04274 My ears are still puffing blue smoke. smiley-confused005 Looking cute isn’t helping either of them at the moment either.cat 26

To make matters worse, I noticed last night that some of the manuscript that I am reworking on ‘Merika’s Story, somehow got mixed up, cat 53 10-16-27and no, the pages are not numbered. AddEmoticons04268 Sigh.  I will win on that score yet though, I am sure of it. Smiley-Begging Sorting as I make the changes on the computer. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Good thing I already have them in order there… these are only additions and changes that I am doing. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 Hoping to be finished over the weekend so it can go into the edits pile.Smiley-Begging That will bring the writing of my prereleases up to date until next Christmas of next year. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon

Cora is doing the back cover for ‘Hunter’s Challenge’ this weekend, so we can finish putting together the paperback copy, and order a proof. 1317309lsk5aj07xu The last tidbits of Kings of the Empire is supposed to show up this weekend, so I can do whatever changes need to be done there, and Cora can put the artwork for the back cover together. Smiley-Begging Then Cora can do the back cover for that one. bth_thXMas-Carols That will be the last book Becca needs to format until late in September, when the cover for ‘Beyond the Myth’ will show up. AddEmoticons04263 The moment that happens, it will be formatted and put up for preorder, because it is due to go up, it is a Christmas release. AddEmoticons04258 I will quickly have Cora make up the back and that can go to print too. AddEmoticons04220 During all of this, everyone will be racing around doing other things.  I will be writing Lost Kingdoms of the Empire and The Phoenixes Choice, yes, for all the push and drive I have put into this, I am running behind.  Sigh.AddEmoticons04279

Well, it is suspiciously quiet in the house at the moment,AddEmoticons04280 I better go check on what the bratz are up to.cat 47  Until next week, take care, stay out of trouble..AddEmoticons04263. unless I am there to help.cat 53 10-16-27

6 thoughts on “Hear me roar

  1. seelkfireice says:

    LOL the Bratz need to be spanked, but at least you are never bored 😀 I can’t wait to get my hands on Merika, that story is dear to my heart. Don’t work too hard, ok? XOXO

    1. maabraham says:

      Want to get this finished, I have other plans before the end of the month … hoping to get a little reading of my own done. Then I will begin on either Lost Kingdoms of the Empire, or The Phoenixes Choice.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, the Dynamic Duo at it again. Bad Thena, Gabriel is for us-no touch!! You have such a busy schedule I get tired just from reading about it. Try to relax-it’s the weekend!!

  3. Emily Lucero says:

    I have a Gabriel crush to Thena. LOL It is never boring at your house with those two. You are ahead of schedule not behind you are doing great. loved the blog.

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