What an eventful week

I certainly didn’t get much sleep this week..dog5. It seems every time I moved the cats went crazy,CatSmiley21 running zipping around and getting underfoot, while they tried to break the world speed record in the house. cat 32 It has to be spring, and it was tempting to put them outside earlier, when we had torrential rainfall. AddEmoticons04263 Ah, the thought, pure justice.  cat 45 They have decided the place to sleep lately is not under the blanket, but on top of me. cat 22 Whimper. nervous-934  one sleeps on my hip, the other vacillates between my knees and my shoulder. cat 36  I guess I never mentioned what a bony bum Thena has. dd27 Tath is a little better, but I have a bit more padding where he likes to rest too, so… We won’t go there. cat 53 10-16-27  They have developed a routine, cat 28bedtime cats..cat 3. which means time to romp on the bed while I am in it.cat 47.. nighttime, settle on top mama..cat 22. the sun rises..cat 50. time to get up mama, we want a little extra care.cat 26.. guess what?   I need more than 3 hours sleep a night.  AddEmoticons04279

I did another set of edits today on ‘Beyond the Myth’ and it now goes into the pile with the other two.super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon  I am expecting the fixes on ROTH to come in sometime next week, along with the ones for ‘To Capture an Ancient’. AddEmoticons04257 It won’t take long for the final edits to come from Sarah on the ‘To Capture an Ancient’ as it is a short one.AddEmoticons04235 And it will be time to get things formatted again. 1317309lsk5aj07xu

While all that happens, I will be working on doing the final touches on ‘Kings of the Empire’. Smiley-Begging To give you some idea what is going on in that book, I figured it would be finished by this time, but nope. Scared_smiley I posted that I had 6 chapters to write yet a couple days ago, but something was nagging at me about it, so I sat up and wrote what should be in each chapter before I would be finished.AddEmoticons04274  I am going to go out and shoot myself. AddEmoticons04268 I figure I have between 10-11 chapters to go.sad-face  All things considered… that is going to be one big book.AddEmoticons04267

Well, I am writing this early, as I have an event to finish off on facebook in the morning, and Earwen’s Song released, which means anything could happen, and probably will. AddEmoticons04263So, I will do a general check on what else is on the program and, with luck, I might manage to finish off King’s of the Empire by the end of next weekend without it growing more. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Eniko is beginning to get tired of saying, this book is going to be epic…MSN-Emoticon-155

Until next week, have a good one…AddEmoticons04257 oh yes, if someone would like to cat sit for a while, let me know. cat 44 Until next week… have a good one. AddEmoticons0425

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