So, what’s your problem?

I am typing away and the Tath nag comes into the room, mawing me (it is a Siamese thing)…cat 39 I get up and go check the food dish, it is full, I check the litter pan, it is empty…cat 54 So… what’s the problem, right? cat 10 He continues… mom, mom, mom… Dog gone it cat, learn English. cat 26 Sheesh. cat 3 All night it is pat, pat pat… let me under the cover, let me out…cat 39 make up your mind cat… cat 22even Thena is irritated. cat 45 (It was the other way around the other night, but after a couple of times where he laid a whooping on her, she settled down. cat 53 Yes, things were different then, he wanted to sleep, she wanted to 47 Trying to tell them, you do these things in the daytime, you don’t sleep in the daylight, you sleep when it is dark.

Which reminds me, we went to the vet for shots the other day,cat 54 I expected this event to be on the level of a 3 ring circus…cat 45 I walked into the the vet’s office, expecting Thena to go off the deep end and play her snarl/hiss game… nope… good as 50. hot gold, but gold… she did hiss, but that was the extent of it. dd27 They weighed her, checked out her ears… yada, yada, vaccinated her, and back she went into the carry case. cat 28  Woah, but I will take it, even the vet is happy that her arms are not about to get shredded. cat 44 Time for Tath cat, he is shy, but when you get him out he behaves, more or less. cat 36 They weighed him… 11 pounds, and he is 2 ft long, so you know he is one big kitty. addemoticons00935 They cooed over him, checked him out, told him what a beautiful kitty he was… he lapped it up, then pressed against me… I have a feeling he knew what was coming 54. he took his needle like someone going to stand in front of a firing 3. I can do this, I am brave… MOMMA! cat 42 It was difficult to put him into the carry case here, but not there.  cat 53

Well, to get back to what I did this week, I managed to get a book read, yes, it was a small one, and yes, I am into a big one, expecting to get another small one read besides it before I get back to writing. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I reworked ‘Beyond the Myth’ and it is now in Eniko’s file. AddEmoticons04258 Eniko is working on ‘Hunter’s Challenge’, AddEmoticons04257Fran is working on ‘Forbidden Contact’,AddEmoticons04263 Morganna is working on ‘Into the Demons Lair’, AddEmoticons04267Sarah is putting the finishing touches on the redo of ‘Life Mate to a King’. AddEmoticons04259 AND… trumpets blowing… ‘Earwen’s Song’ is in Becca’s files to be formatted.clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon

That means, sometime this week, it will be available for preorder. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon It also means I will be talking to Cora about the back cover, because I can’t do that until I have a page count. AddEmoticons04263 I figure that I will start to write on ‘To Capture an Ancient’ either Monday, or Tuesday, and by the time I am finished that one, I will be in the mood to get into ‘Kings of the Empire’. smiley-happy120 I probably won’t be out of that one until May. AddEmoticons04279 I will go straight into ‘Intercession’ at that time and follow it with ‘The Phoenixes Choice’… we all know I am a glutton for punishment.AddEmoticons04264

It is melting here today, tomorrow it is supposed to be chilly, and get progressively cold thereafter. AddEmoticons04268 So, if any of the kiddies are wanting to make a snowman in this area, this is the time, so it can become an iceman shortly after. building-snowman-smiley-emoticon Well, it is time I went and put my feet up and got smothered with furballs. cat 36 As usual, have a good one… and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… going to a mini family reunion tomorrow, will tell you how that went next weekend. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 No, Thena and Tath are not going.  cat 45

One thought on “So, what’s your problem?

  1. emilylucero says:

    Totally loved this. Glad they were on better behavior at the vets. Bet she was happy. You have quite a work schedule coming up. I hope you plan mini breaks in it. Love the new cover and shared and tweeted it. Snowing here and has been all day. I am getting my winter this year. LOL

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