I can always dream

In this case I would love to be able to go back to sleep and carry on from where I left off… drool. MSN-Emoticon-tongue-104 There are three things keeping me from doing that though,AddEmoticons04279 (well more, but…) 1. the sun is up, and so are the kitlings.AddEmoticons04263  I got news for them too, they go for their shots on the 26th. AddEmoticons04258 They are not going to be happy campers about that, especially Thena. cat 45 I can imagine that the vet is out looking for gloves to do this with already. AddEmoticons04274 Thena is the one to watch for, if she doesn’t know you, or you smell like a strange animal… hiss, snarl, growl… she is not friendly. cat 53 10-16-27 Tath is the one who will run from you, but I don’t suggest you tackle a cornered Tath cat, he keeps no prisoners. cat 3 That can be one mean hombre… I mean pussycat.cat 22  Either way, they are going to be ticked at mama when they get home… which could mean, I get the bed alone that night… YES!!!!! 1317309lsk5aj07xu

Second reason… now that I got carried away with the excitement of the first… I want to finish Forbidden Contact. AddEmoticons04231 I know it won’t get done today. 6088880143_491c2e2e67_s I have another 4 Chapters to write, but I could have it done by the middle of next week, and typed out for reworking. AddEmoticons04257 It is short, but full of information. AddEmoticons04258 I am going to take a couple days to read after that, because reworking won’t take long, then plunge into the Elven series.super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon

Third reason… this goes without saying… the bed is no safe place after a certain hour… because the kitlings think that because mama didn’t get up, they can bring some of their toys into the bed to play with, and I get bounced on. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Yes, I am no more than another part of the mattress, or bedding, to be used and abused. cat 47 They hide things on, under and around me, then go hunting for whatever they brought. cat 53 If it moves, I am so out of there.AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43  Good thing I don’t have mice, or anything else like that. MSN-Emoticon-155 And yes, they would, before you ask. Last night I dreamed I woke up to find the larger statues in the house broken, and some of them would cause trouble if that happened. nervous-934 A house with kittens is no place for antiques.smiley-confused005

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I changed the release schedule for 2017. AddEmoticons04274 There will only be 5, and 2 will be novellas. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 (Not that I am sure about the last one yet, that could end up being a full novel, I will see when I write it.) smiley-confused005 My writing list is growing, as one story follows the other in my mind.AddEmoticons04279  I will probably write Intercession, the moment I have finished writing ‘Kings of the Empire’. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 You don’t want to hear about this now though. So with that in mind, I will toddle off, and maybe find a quiet spot, where I can be alone with my Elves.AddEmoticons04263 So, on that note… have a good week. cat 36

6 thoughts on “I can always dream

  1. seelkfireice says:

    You lift my spirits with your Saturday posts… among other things. The Gorgeous Bratz are a riot. As for “Kings of the Empire” … you know my thoughts on that 😉 Have a super week XOXO

  2. emilylucero says:

    LOL I am always interested in hearing any tidbits. Poor babies I wouldn’t like to go get shots either. How does the schedule for 2018 look after changing 17. You know if it does become a novel I will be happy.

  3. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL – The Dynamic Duo are getting their comeuppance on the 26th and I sure wouldn’t want to be around then – YIKES!! Glad you will be taking a short break and if the novella becomes a novel, that will be o.k. with all of us. Happy writing!!!! 🙂

    1. maabraham says:

      Thena will boogaloo all over the vet, and get put into a white jacket, so she can be treated. Tath will take it like the kitty he is, and when it is over, he will disappear into the kennel. When they get home, they will romp, or settle down and sleep for a while.

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