Chapter I Tratchars… Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone the most wonderful Christmas season, may your world be filled with the spirit and love this time of the year represents… and, as my father used to say, “Peace, be to men of good will.”

Copyright 2015



“That is the stupidest idea you have ever had.” Eärwen addressed Ennacas with open disgust, as she watched her sister dress before her mirror.


“As if I care what you think.” Ennacas snipped back.


“You are going to get yourself in a lot of trouble.” Eärwen warned.


“Only if you tell, and if I find out you breathed a word of this to anyone, I will beat you until you bleed.” Ennacas threatened.


Eärwen laughed aloud as she popped a couple of grapes into her mouth and chewed. Ennacas had been issuing threats at her for the past ten years without any repercussions. She wasn’t worried that it would change now. Besides, if Ennacas ever decided to tackle her, she would be in for a bit of a surprise. She wasn’t confident about her ability to keep herself safe without a reason. There were a few Elves in her classes she might be afraid to tangle with, but there weren’t many.


Eärwen watched as Ennacas donned an outfit she considered unfit to be seen in public with and frowned as she munched on the last of her grapes. She sighed as she transferred her attention to the empty bowl on her lap then stole a quick peek at Ennacas to see whether she was paying any attention to anything but herself. She wasn’t, so she quickly checked to see how many grapes were left in her sister’s bowl; it was almost full. She slowly exchanged the bowls while her sister was otherwise occupied. Surely, Ennacas wouldn’t miss a few grapes.


“I am surprised Aunt Arazel borrowed you her costume.” Eärwen spoke more to direct Ennacas’ attention away from the filched grapes than anything else.


Ennacas didn’t notice a thing as she tossed Eärwen a quick warning glance before threatening her. “Aunt Arazel better not hear about my wearing it either.”


Eärwen froze with a grape hovering in her fingers halfway to her mouth as she gaped at Ennacas. “Tell me you didn’t do what I think you did!”


“None of your business what I did or didn’t do.” Ennacas sniffed as she tugged the outfit into place and smoothed it over her figure before checking her reflection in the mirror with smug satisfaction.


Arazel wouldn’t miss her old uniform, Ennacas was sure of it. None of the Dark Elven women who had married into the family ever wore them any more, nor had they worn them for years. She considered that a waste. She knew how to put them to good use though. Amy, Angel and herself had planned this particular afternoon out carefully. This was the day they were going to experiment with what it would feel like to be with a man. Today they would leave their childhood behind to become women and they had found the perfect men to teach them everything they wanted to know, maybe even a bit more.


Ennacas turned to pick up her bowl of grapes and noticed it was empty. She immediately knew who to blame.


“Those were my grapes, you miserable thief.”


“Prove it.” Eärwen replied as she casually peeled the skin off the last one and slowly pushed it into her mouth.


“You’re a dead Elf.” Ennacas declared as she narrowed her eyes and watched Eärwen slowly lick her fingers.


“I know,” Eärwen answered as she rolled her eyes at her sister. “And you will plant flowers on my grave.”


“Thorn bushes more likely or you might come back, like some misguided Demon.” Ennacas hissed.


“Temper, temper sister.” Eärwen replied with a grin. “If you start screeching, mom or dad will come to see what is going on. I am sure that wouldn’t suit your purpose. You wouldn’t want either of them catching you dressed like that. Dad would know where you got the uniform from immediately and mom would have you washing off Sentinel roots for a month for daring to wear one of them.”


Ennacas stopped short of slapping her sister, as she considered the consequences of her actions. Eärwen had a point. Their parents would throw a fit if they saw her in one of Arazel’s old Elite Guard uniforms. They would want to know where she got it and how. She didn’t need any of that coming to light because that would get more people than she wanted to think about in trouble. She could only begin to guess at some of the things Aunt Arazel would do to them for touching her prize costume. So, instead of attacking her sister, she threw the cape she had draped over the end of her bed to wear around her shoulders to hide her attire and left to meet up with her friends.


“Did you wear it?” Amy whispered as Ennacas met her and Angel on the path leading to the pond.


Ennacas nodded and removed the cape as she folded it over her arm. She almost laughed at the sight and sound of Amy whispering. Amy sounded scared and shaky. Angel remained silent, but her eyes shifted nervously from place to place as if she was afraid someone would notice them. She hoped they did. That was what this was supposed to be all about.


“Are you two going to remove your capes, or did you chicken out?” Ennacas prodded.


Deep inside, Ennacas wasn’t feeling any braver than Amy or Angel, but she wasn’t going to let them know that. She was an Eagle Claw and an Eagle Claw never retreated. By the time the three girls reached the place where they were supposed to meet the men, she wasn’t so sure she was doing the smart thing and was half considering a tactical retreat despite being her father’s daughter. She quickly pushed the thought aside. She was determined to go through with their plans. She was sixteen now; a woman, not a baby like Eärwen.


Ennacas thought about the men who would be waiting for them by the pond. They hadn’t known them long. They weren’t even from Daroth’s Kingdom. One Elf was a Grey Elf and the others were Dark Elves. None were over two hundred, so they were young as well. The men had no idea who they were, nor did they know how young they were. Ennacas had a feeling they might have objected to the meeting if they knew. She knew girls who talked about doing the things they were, but none were Light Elves. She personally couldn’t see the difference.


The young male Elves exchanged grins as they noticed the three girls and waved from where they waited. They had chosen a secluded area by a small pool of water where they would frolic in the pond while everyone got used to the idea of what was about to happen. They had realized earlier that the young ladies didn’t have much experience, but they were sure that what they lacked in that way would be more than made up for by their enthusiasm. It usually was, and they were looking forward to an afternoon filled with pleasure and passion.



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