That has to hurt

It is that time of the year when a person indulges in a pass time called Christmas cleaning. christmas-lights-smiley-emoticon Everything has to be spruced up for the season, baking done, special dishes prepared ahead of time for what is to come. building-snowman-smiley-emoticon One day, a few hours, and it is over. 0004 Thena (especially) and Tath have been enjoying it so far. 08 I have never seen two cats put on so many miles in such a short 36  As I walk from one end of the house and back again, they race through, under, over, around and in front of my feet. CatSmiley21 Thena, puts on twice the miles as she not only does that at full clip, but also manages to jump on top of every piece of furniture along the way… it is a wonder she isn’t bouncing off the walls. cat 50 I am afraid to put up the tree, but, like the rest of us, it is going to have to take it’s chances with her. cat 39 It survived last year, why not this year too? cat 26 I can’t help but wonder what she is going to do with it though.  dd27Tath, well I would say he is the wild card, the unknown factor in the equation. cat 53 10-16-27 Will he, or won’t he, allow the tree to stand.  ps-smilies-christmas(Well, that isn’t the problem, it is a heavy tree, but everything on it is movable.)cat 32

I have the pre-copies of TRATCHARS, and I sent out a handful of pre-arcs that were ordered. AddEmoticons04262 I understand there are a few sets of eyeballs glued to the pages already.AddEmoticons04263  EARWEN’S SONG is next on the list.  In the meantime, I am writing the last few chapters of HUNTER’S CHALLENGE, I hope to finish that before the end of the year. smiley-happy120 I think I have 8 or 9 more chapters to go… yes, I am overshooting my goal on it, and I know a couple people who are celebrating the fact. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I will have to write the first chapter for the next book, so I have it done for the back of the paperback.AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09

Is everyone ready for Christmas? bth_thXMas-Carols I have 2 gifts to get  One was supposed to have arrived a week ago, but still hasn’t. AddEmoticons04279 The other has to be purchased yet, but that one should be simple and minor. AddEmoticons04259 Little bro will arrive after midnight on the 22nd., and as usual he will hit the runway moving faster than the jet that brought him in. smiley3527 No, he is not finished his shopping, not by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. nervous-934 He tends to run under the radar, and has no idea what to get anyone. smiley-confused005 I won’t say he hasn’t gotten any of the gifts, he has some, but not all.  smileys-flowers-658663To be fair, there are some on his list who are very difficult to buy for… I know this because they are on my list too. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticonTath & Thena are going to be very easy to buy for…. they need essentials … litter and food (goodies). AddEmoticons04263 They already have every toy imaginable, and prefer playing with my pens and balls of paper that I tend to throw at them… they really like that idea… and I have been picking up paper everywhere. AddEmoticons04279 They especially like to knock sheets of paper off the top of little bros’ bed (yes, he is allergic.) (Luckily not terribly so.)AddEmoticons04254 11-47-55

Well, I should let you go, and get back to my writing. AddEmoticons04231 I have everything finished off here, except the kitchen floor, which I will wait until after the tree is up to wash down.  xmas-drummer-smiley-emoticonShould be a simple thing… if I lock Tath and Thena in their kennel while I do it. cat 54 So, with that in mind… have a good Christmas, and I will see about putting up my blog early next week.  1lg172snowsmilies


From Tath, Thena, and the one they own… MERRY CHRISTMAS.


5 thoughts on “That has to hurt

  1. seelkfireice says:

    LOL they own you MA! I am so not ready for Christmas, not feeling it this year *sigh* but making memories with my little man brings joy to my heart. Merry Christmas and a happy, bountiful New Year to you, the Gorgeous Bratz and the family. Sending hugs to everybody!

    1. maabraham says:

      I don’t know too many who have a lot of Christmas spirit this year… it is a bummer. Thena is ready to rock and roll, but she is the only one I noticed… even Tath cat is bleh… maybe a sparkly tree will perk him up. In the meantime, I am still tossing Thena off the kitchen cupboard with frustrating regularity… her poor little feet must hurt by the end of the day from hitting the floor so often.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, just have to love the Dynamic Duo and hopefully they will be good and leave the tree alone-can hope anyway Mary Ann. Still have some baking to do & wrap the presents. Out of state ones got gift cards. Not quite in the spirit this year-I think because half the family won’t be here plus miss not having my parents here. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

    1. maabraham says:

      Not holding my breath Betty, but I will deal with it as I can… they usually behave themselves quite well, shortly after little bro lays down the law to them. They can look so innocent, laying side by side on my chair. (mama will protect us… right… snort)

  3. emilylucero says:

    Loved lovee loved it and yes I starting read mine and can stay with today as Jenn and her grankids came early . Thery are at the store now so I have a minute and I got my copy of trachers with all the wonderful goodies in it and the beautiful Bracelet Eniko made me.. Loved the blog and Merry Christmas to u=you and the BRATZ give them a hug from me. P.S on page 192 in book goin
    g to try and sneak a few more.

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