My Kittens


This is Azorez Tathar Silver Myst, aka Tath, and he is getting to be a big boy.  He came to live with me in February of this year.  I must say that he was tiny when he arrived, not to mention scared, after travelling halfway across the Dominion of Canada in a highway tractor.  It was -30C. and my sister in law was afraid to expose him to the weather.  As you can see he has adapted well, and now weighs a whooping 9 lbs.  He is also larger than Thena (aka) Athena Ravens Paw).

We bought Tath from AZOREZ CATTERY in Langley, and I must give her a thumbs up on a wonderful job of taking care of my kitten while she had him.  If anyone is interested in one of her kittens I would certainly recommend her cattery.  She has beautiful cats, show quality and very healthy.  I say this because when Thena arrived she was sick, and she came from another cattery.  She is still taking medication, to try to beat her illness.  Tath hasn’t caught what she has, which the vet says is unusual because it is highly contagious, that tells us that his immune system is strong.  My vet is in love with him. 🙂  So am I.

I am writing this, not only because I love my kitten, who was a replacement for Snoop, my 15 yr. old Siamese that I had to put to sleep last year due to cancer.  But because the cattery I purchased Tath from is being slandered.  I shake my head in disgust, the things people do to others out of angst.  This is so not fair to a lady who works hard to supply quality kittens to loving homes. Debbie Modderman owns and operates the AZOREZ CATTERY in Langley, B.C. Canada.

2 thoughts on “My Kittens

  1. emilylucero says:

    Where can we g oto help this lady. Tath is a very beautiful cat and was when you got him. What can we do to help?

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