Jet propelled

I don’t have to worry about cleaning out the thrusters on these kittens,AddEmoticons04267 they keep them well blown out. AddEmoticons04263 Rolling eyes here. AddEmoticons04274 They are cute as kittens, but there are times I can hardly wait for them to become cats. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Road Runner, eat your heart out, is their motto right now. cat 36 Yes, it is true they are wearing a path in my hardwood floors,cat 53 something that we never managed to do in over 60 years. cat 42 If you see 2 streaks of something (1 white and 1 cream coloured, you know who it is,cat 26 That chasing Thena, or the other way around.) cat 53 Putting on list, remember to buy sheers for the windows when they learn to leave these ones alone.) cat 32 They say that cats don’t like it when they get sprayed down with vinegar water… well … whoever wrote that never met Thena. cat 3 Thena, in case you are wondering is a second shelf kitten,cat 53 she has learned how to not only jump on the kitchen counter, but to also open the upper cupboards and move on to the 50  Why, you ask?cat 47  To knock everything movable off the shelf off. cat 53 If it is movable, it isn’t safe, I am quickly running out of water glasses…AddEmoticons04268 note to self, go into upper cupboard and get more down.smiley-confused005

On the writing front,smileys-flowers-658663 I have 3 chapters left to write on Surrounded By The Light, which I should have done within the next couple of days. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon If Tath will let me write,cat 3 which means if he will quite playing with my pens and stealing them,addemoticons00954 22-31-47 yes, I said stealing.nervous-934  (He also likes the taste of paper, probably without the extra serving of ink). making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Thena works differently, she just jumps up onto my shoulder and flops herself down on my face. dd27 Then there is the double teamer, one curling up on one shoulder and the other on the second side, AddEmoticons00937these are growing pussycats, and I am only so big.AddEmoticons04236 10-17-45  (I think they know it and plan these things out, personally.) AddEmoticons04259 10-08-34 I have written up a new opening page for the website, which should go up sometime next week. AddEmoticons04258 10-25-31 The old one was dated. AddEmoticons04231 22-18-20 Back to the writing here, when I have finished SBTL, I will quickly do the rewrite on it and ship it off to Eniko.super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon

Eniko, says she is almost finished the first edit on ‘Integration’, AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36which means I will schedule a day to take care of the changes before shipping it off to the next  I have a few other changes to make as well on other fronts. AddEmoticons04237 Sarah is finishing off the final edits on ‘For the King and Elven Empire’ and I will get that to make the changes on, also. Smiley-Begging (Becca is going to be a busy girl). AddEmoticons04263 We made minor changes on Angel’s Haylo, The Price of Betrayal, Lociel’s Elite Guardian, Celebration of light and Embracing the Light. smiley-happy120 All those will have to be reformatted, along with the formatting of For the King and Elven Empire .AddEmoticons04262.. what does this mean for you?AddEmoticons0424 20-55-10  Better copies and the chance to preorder your copy of For the King and Elven Empire. AddEmoticons04258 10-25-31  What does this mean for me, after I have all this done? AddEmoticons04259 13-25-14 Hopefully a couple days to read a book or two before I start in on Tratchars. AddEmoticons04231 10-25-25 Still trying to see if I should release some of the EC books closer together in 2017, or just add one in there, as well as the other..AddEmoticons04259 13-25-14. I am going to be going through pens again this year, AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43which reminds me… writing note to self, go find pen I just saw Tath pass door with. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40(it was flipping through the air). AddEmoticons04236 10-17-45 Well, before my last chapter gets shredded and I lose another pen,AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 I will toddle off and catch a kitten.AddEmoticons04234AddEmoticons00949 Until next week, have a good one. AddEmoticons00916

3 thoughts on “Jet propelled

  1. emilylucero says:

    Well you certainly are not lacking for something to keep you busy. LOL Never heard of a kitty taking a pen. Maybe he thinks if you don’t have it to write with he will get more attention. LOL Loved the blog as usual.

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