Turnabout Tuesday with Fiona Mcvie

Today we have Fiona Mcvie as a guest, I figure I have been on her blog enough times I would put her on the hot seat. Here are her answers to the questions I sent.

1.Without making this into a self-interest article, what is one of your favorite series on the market today, something that isn’t the EC or about Tantalus.

I have a thing for historical romances more so if they are based in Scotland 😀

As I am a Highland lassie

I also love a good horror story more so when it holds you to the edge of you seat

And good murder story as well one the makes you guess who is the killer

With out given to much away to soon

  1. What attracts you to a book?

Cover and what is written on the back of the book and sometimes what a friend will tell me about a book I should try

I never read reviews as I might like a book even if some one else do not

  1. What holds your interest in a storyline? And what turns you off one?
  1. What area of a bookstore do you shy away from, besides the kiddie section?

I tend to look at all sections even the kiddies section as I have grandchildren

I would stay away from what some would call hard porn I don’t mind erotica though

  1. We all read books that are not as well written at times, yet return to read the following book in the same series (if it is a series). Why would you do that?

Yes as the next book is sometimes better as the author has improved with time

  1. Who was your first book boyfriend, do you remember? They say you always remember your first. 😉

Sound silly but I got mine last year his name was Wee William from the

The Clan MacDougall series by Suzan Tisdale 😀

  1. If you could live in a series, any series, for a period of time, which one would you choose and why?

1800 the Highlands of Scotland as I love the history of the Clans that lived back then

  1. Do you have a favorite series where you hate some of the characters? What keeps you hooked?

Never hated one yet but I let you know if I do

  1. What would you like to see happen with one of the series you are following?

One series I want to see two of the characters get wed but the author of the series

Has said I have to wait and see L

  1. To name a few, give us some of the names of your favorite authors, and why you like them.

This is hard to name just a few but I give it a go

Suzan Tisdale because she writes great historical romances

Tarah Scott for the same reason

Mary Ann Abraham because I feel in love with her book AURA

Blaze McRob he does horror stories and poems which I love

James Patterson I love his Alex Cross series 😀

This is just a few as it would take to long to name all my favorite authors

  1. What do you like about running the blog you write? Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to dealing with some of the people you do? No names please.

I interview authors and love it I am hoping to hit 2000 interviews very soon

I not seen one I hate but my only peeve some will not let you comment unless you have say a gmail+ account so I ended up getting a account just so I can comment

  1. Would you ever consider writing a book yourself? If so why, if not, why not?

I hope one day to publish my poems in a book, I been writing poems since I was 10 years old and have done over 2000 of them

My blog is www.authorsinterviews.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “Turnabout Tuesday with Fiona Mcvie

  1. emilylucero says:

    Enjoyed the interview. I agree with your choice of book boyfriend Fiona I loved Wee Willie. I loved Aura also. My first book boyfriend was Lestat and he changed my reading genre to paranormal . Thank you for the interview.

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